How to RELAX your body?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to share a very quick strategy on how to relax your body. The title of this blog is how to relax your body.

I was just watching a program and the guy that was running the program, he shared a very simple idea on how to relax your body. And the easiest way to relax your body is to relax your stomach, is to relax your stomach, because try tense your jaw, try tense your arms and see what happens. Whenever you try to tense another part of your body, your stomach tenses up. So if you relax your stomach, you can't have anything else tense in your body. Because stomach is like one part that sort of controls everything.

So if you ever working at the desk all day, your neck is tight and your back is tight, just relax your, belly. And the easiest way to relax your belly is to breathe through your belly. So most people breathe with the chest. Their chest is puffing up, but try to breathe through your belly. When you when you breathe in, your belly goes out, and when you breathe out, your belly goes in, like look how the babies breathe. When the baby's sleeping, the belly goes because that's how we’re naturally supposed to breathe. That's how relaxed the body breathes. But because we are sometimes so stressed, like we're breathing here at the top all day and then your body doesn't get enough oxygen and you start getting stressed, because if you're starving of oxygen, you should be stressed.

So, whenever you catch yourself that you're a bit tense, just start breathing through your belly. Breathe in, the belly comes out, breathe out, the belly comes in and relax. Try to relax your stomach as much as you can. And when you relax your stomach, your whole body will relax, because you cannot have anything else tense when your stomach is relaxed. So it's a very quick and cool strategy, but when you do that, you start breathing better, you start relaxing more, you de stress. So if you're prone to anxiety or stress, just briefly your belly and relax your belly and it will be awesome. You'll see your body will relax right away.

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