How to recruit people who DIDN’T like your presentation?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today's topic is how to recruit somebody who didn't like your presentation. 

Most network marketers if they send their presentation video to somebody and the person says “No I didn't like it, no not for me.” They'll just drop it there. Best case scenario they might say, “Well, if you know anybody who might be interested, please let me know.” But actually there's a way to turn around to actually still recruit them. 

When I send a message and somebody watches it, watches the presentation and they don't like it, they come back and go “no, not for me” or “no, I didn't like it”. I say, “Well, that's totally fine. That's absolutely fine. But I'm just curious, since you invested the time to watch it. What were you hoping to see?” Now that is powerful question because a lot of the times they might go, “Well, I was hoping that I could earn some extra income.” “Well, I'm sorry you must have missed that in the video but we do actually show how to earn extra income, can I explain it to you?” “Oh, I was hoping that I won't have to bother my friends and family.” “Oh, I'm sorry; you probably missed that in the video. Because actually, you don't have to bother your friends and family, would you mind if I show you how?” Do you get it? Like I've never heard somebody I go, “Hey, what were you hoping to see?” “Well, I was hoping that my left arm will grow back after I watch the video.” 

Basically people, they think it's not for them or maybe they had a bad experience in network marketing or whatever. So dig a little bit deeper and it doesn't mean that every single person you'll ask this question will join your business, but some will if you go ahead and ask them, “Hey, what were you hoping to see?” “Well, I was hoping to see a business where I wouldn't have to invest money.” “Oh, I'm sorry. You got an impression that you have to invest money in this business because you don't. Would you mind if I explain to you?” You know what I mean, and this way you can turn around the person - because the chances are maybe they watched the first three minutes and went, “Ah not for me,” and they didn't see the whole thing, they might go, “Well I don't want to be selling products.” “Oh I'm sorry you probably missed the part where actually you can become a team builder and build a team and make huge money and you don't have to sell anything you know what I mean?” So you basically go, “Hey, what were you hoping to see?” and you try and gage what were they thinking, why do they not like the video because very rarely it's just, “Ah, I'm against everything in the world.”

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