How To Protect Your Network Marketing Business Against People Leaving Your Team?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

This topic is how to protect your network marketing business against people leaving your team or leaving your company.

If you've been in marketing for a while, you have probably suffered one of the things that happen in this business is when people either stop doing the business, or they leave to another company, or whatever. So basically, you’re losing team members from your business. Now, when that happens, of course, that impacts the volume of your team, it impacts your earnings and it impacts a bunch of different things. So what's the solution? How can you protect? How can you ensure your business in order to reduce the impact when people are leaving your business?

And I heard this from one of the biggest leaders in network marketing industry, the guy has made over 100 million dollars in network marketing. And he said, “You know what, if I left my business, if I left my company today, not that many people would follow me because most of my business is customers.” Think about it. If 100% of your business is other distributors, then distributors come into network marketing business to make money. I mean, yeah, they love the product, yeah they use the product every month, they’re buying it but they're doing this primarily because they want to make money.

If they see another company, if they see another deal, that pays better money that has a better marketing plan that has whatever, there's a chance that they will jump ship and go to another business or go to another company. But if big portion of your business is actually customers, then why do customers come to the business because they love the product, all they want to do is use the product. So there's no reason for them to leave your company and go to another company, you know what I mean? Because they're not here for the money anyway, they are here to consume the products that they love, right?

So you need to think about if you want to ensure your business, if you want to make your business more stable, and more strong, then a portion of your business, a portion of your recruiting should be for customers, not just business partners, not just distributors. So at least part of your business should be bringing people on board, we're just here to use the products, because that makes your business more stable. It makes your business stronger. Because these people they don't chase another new deal. They don't chase on that the new company with a little tweak in the marketing plan that pays 5% more, they don't care about that stuff. They're just here to use the products so they’re not looking for another company, they’re not looking for another deal, because they're just here to use the product, you understand what I'm saying?

So even if you know you as a huge leader, even if somebody huge in your team leaves the business doesn't matter because the customers they’ll just carry on consuming the products. They don't care about that. That's the way how you insure your business against things like that, against people stopping to do the business or people leaving the company or by whatever it’s by building a large customer base. That's going to give you a business stability and it will help you to have a more solid business.

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