How to PROMOTE an Event or a Product?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, December 26, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to promote an event or a product to somebody. How can we promote an event or a product to somebody properly?

So what most people will do, they will just say, “Hey, there's going to be an event, it's really nice, they're going to have some good speakers there, is going to be great.” Most people don't care about that. Most people don't care about that and they will not come to that event. So if you're trying to bring a lot of your team members to a training event, and you're just saying, “Hey, it will be awesome. It'll be fun.” No chance. Most people will not come. If you really want to promote well, and to get people to come, few things have to happen.

One, either you or somebody you know should have gone to that event before, learn something, then apply what they've learned and got a result. So for example, if you've been at that event before, let's say it's a national convention, or an international convention, where everybody from your company comes to one place. Let's say you’ve been there before, you were really inspired, you learned loads, you came away from that event, you applied what you've learned, and then you got a result. That's what people will be interested because now you can say, “Hey, if you go to this event, you can also get this result.” So ideally, of course, it's your own results.

So if you've been at the event, you learned what you've learned, then you went and applied what you've learned and then you got a result, now you can go, “Hey, I've been there, I've done that and now look at my results it's because I went to that event.” But if you brand new in business, if you haven't yet been to an event like that and got some results, so if you haven't yet gotten, then get a story of somebody else. Speak to your leaders and say, “Hey, have you previously went to an event and it in impacted you and it changed the way you did business and it helped you to get more results, have you done that?” And the leaders might share with you, “Yeah, I went to this event, this is what I've learned, that's what I applied and that's the result I got out of it.” Now you can use this story right and you can use that story for the next 50 years. It doesn't matter, you're not going to say, “In 1996 I went to the...” No, you can just go, “Hey look, let me tell you about Joe story. Joe went to this event. This is what he learned, this is what he applied and that's the results he got. If you go to that event, you will also get that result.”

That will inspire, that will encourage people to go to event a lot more than you saying, “Hey, it's going to be a nice event.” So you really always need to think about result. And same actually applies to product. So again, most people sell what product is. So they go, “I've got this amazing product, it has these amazing ingredients, it’s beautifully packaged.” Nobody cares about that. Instead, what you want to do is either yourself or somebody that you know who have used the product and got a result, this is what people are interested in. So then you can say, “Hey, if you use this product, you can also get that result.”

So collect these stories or try the products yourself and get your own story. So this way you can say, “Hey, look, this is what happened when I started using this cream. This is what happened when I started using this food supplement. This is what happened when I started using this coffee. This is what happened where I started using this product.” So when you do that and then you say, “This is the result I got and if you use it, you might also get the same result.” That's what people are interested, not in what it is, but what does it do? So what does it do? What's the benefit of using it? Not what it is.

People don't buy a drill, because they want to drill. People buy a drill, because they want a hole in the wall. That's the benefit. So drill is what it is, but what it does is it makes holes in the walls and that's what people want. So we will not buy your product because of what it is, they will buy it because of what it does. So that's what you should be promoting and same applies to your events, not what it is, not that, “Oh, we're going to have a lot of wonderful speakers and it's going to be beautiful.” No, no, no, no. What does it do? If you go to this event, what do you get out of it? What does it do to your business? What does it do to your income? That's how you want to be promoting your events and that's how you want to be promoting your products.


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