How to overcome your EXCUSES to succeed in business?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Saturday, December 28, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk about how to overcome excuses to really achieve success in business, and this might get a bit emotional, but it's important to cover this I think, because for a lot of people, they have these things that are stopping them from achieving greatness in their life and a lot of it is just an excuse, is just the reason not to do something, is just a reason to stop yourself and different things happen in our lives and different challenges happen in our lives and different problems happen in our lives but we have to understand and we have to think, will I allow these things to define me and be how I'm going to be for the rest of my life?

You need to think about what am I using as an excuse to not achieve success, to not have a breakthrough, to not progress in my life? What am I using as an excuse, as a crutch, as an obstacle, as a barrier not to go and achieve my full potential? Ask yourself that question. What is stopping me from greatness right now? And listen carefully to that answer. What is your brain going to come up with? What is stopping you right now from earning 10,000 a month, 20,000 a month, 30,000 a month, and 50,000 a month? What is stopping you from building your life? What is stopping you from achieving all of your dreams? What is stopping you from all of those things? What is stopping you from greatness right now? And think about it, think what stuff is coming up. What is your brain saying to you because these are your excuses? And I know, you might think, well, you just demeaning my problems, you just demeaning my obstacles.

They say, “All excuses are equal.” So each and every one of us, we go through different things in our lives, like, when I was growing up, my dad was drinking a lot and there were times, actually a lot of time when we didn't have anything to eat at home, so as a kid, I would wake up in the morning, and my first question to my mom, would be, “Mom, what can I eat?” Not because I was greedy, not because of whatever, but my question would be, ”Mom, what can I eat?” Because there was nothing to eat at home. I don't know if you've ever had that experience, where you would open a fridge, and it's empty. There's no food in it. There's nothing to eat. I don't know if you've ever been there. I've been there. I've been to where my dad drinks a lot and he goes out early in the morning before I wake up to drink and comes back late at night when I'm already asleep. I've been bullied at school.

I remember for about a year, I was probably being, was beaten up every single day in school, every single day, I would cry after school. I wouldn't want for the school to finish because I knew as soon as the school finished, I have to go home and I will meet the bullies and they will beat me up. Every single day for about a year, probably more. So all these things happen in our life and also I could say, well, I'm an immigrant. I came to this country. So my English is not perfect, so I will never fit in and I will never be English or whatever in UK where I'm living.

So we can come up with all of these problems, with all these excuses, with all of these big things that happen and of course, I didn't have the worst life in the world, your challenges might have been even bigger, your problems might have been even worse a lot than mine, but what I want you to think about is will you allow that to define you? Will you allow that to push you down and keep you where you are for the rest of your life because you've been beaten, because you had a bad marriage, because you've been broke, because you've been bankrupt, because you've been all of these things, will you allow it to keep you down? Or will you break through it because all excuses are equal. All these challenges are equal when in terms of reaching for success, in terms of having a breakthrough.

They say, “When God sends you a gift, He wraps it up in problems.” Whether you are able to unwrap those problems, solve those problems will determine if you're worthy of the gift inside, and that's so true. So think about it in a different way. All the challenges you had in your life, all the problems you had in your life, maybe they were there for a reason. One is if you believe in it, you wouldn't have been given these challenges if the God or the universe or somebody up there knew that you couldn't overcome them. So you were giving those challenges because whoever sent you those challenges knew that you can overcome them, knew that you can deal with them. And secondly, maybe you were given these challenges, so you can overcome them, and show the example to other people and inspire other people, and achieve success in spite of those problems.

Maybe that was the reason; maybe you are set to give an example to other people. So maybe it's your duty to become successful, because you had that bad marriage, because you've been bullied as a kid, because you've been whatever. Maybe it's your duty now to achieve success in life and to say, “Hey, look, I've had those challenges, and I overcome them and you can do the same too and you can achieve the same success too.” Maybe it’s your duty, maybe it’s your responsibility now to go and achieve success. And maybe right now you're going through some very challenging times. So maybe it is your mission in this life, to overcome those challenges and to become successful anyway.

Because how many people have you heard or how many biographies are there of super successful people who had to overcome some very, very challenging times in their life. My wish for you and my strategy for you is to turn your excuses into your motivation. Turn your challenges; turn your obstacles into the reason why you need to become successful. So you’re broke right now, that's why you need to become successful. You can barely speak English right now that’s why you need to become successful; you are super busy right now that’s why you need to become successful.

For me, all the things that I had in life, this is my motivation, this is my fire, to become successful, to achieve because I was at the place where there was nothing to eat at home when I was a kid, because I was sometimes starving, and I didn't have anything to eat, and I would go to school and have nothing to eat at school as well and then come home, and there's nothing to eat at home as well. That's why one of my motivations is to ensure that my kids have a better life that they never have to wake up one day and open the fridge and it's empty, and there's nothing to eat. Because I was bullied at school and beaten up day after day after day, my goal is to ensure that my kids don't have the same thing. That's why I want to put my kids in better schools and look after them and help them and take care of them and be somebody who actually cares about them, and listens to the challenges, and listens to their problems and helps them if there's something happening at school or in other areas of their life.

Because I've been broke for most of my life, that's why my goal is to become very wealthy and very rich and help other people to do the same. Not because of these reasons, now I am paralyzed. Because of these horrible things that happened to me, I cannot achieve anything in life because, or look at me how poor me you know, throw me a pity party, etcetera. Instead, because of these things, I have to become successful; I have to make a lot of money, I have to go and help other people.

If you were in a train crash, and the train crashed, and you get out, you touch yourself, you check yourself and you’re fine, you’re not bleeding, you're all fine; would you go back to the train and pull other people out who need help? Now, if you have any decency in you, you answer should be yes, I would go back and help people out. Well, when we’re in a home based business and you start making money, your job is now to go back and help other people, to send the elevator down, to go and pass it out, pass it forward, help other people to get out of that rut as well.

So whatever challenges you are, you will be an inspiration. But don't use that as an excuse, if you have 4, 5, 6 kids don't use that, “Ah, because I have 4, 5, 6 kids, I can’t become successful in business.” Instead become successful to prove to other people and to show example to all the other parents who have a lot of kids that you can become successful. If you have a massive accent, if you can barely speak English go and become successful, to prove to other people that you can become successful in spite of your accent.

If you had really bad relationships, and people have let you down in your life, and people have disappointed you in your life, going and become successful and show people that in spite of those challenges, you can become successful. Like last conference we had in our company, there were two people that were on our stage picking up rewards for achieving high levels in our company and both of them were blind. They could have used that as an excuse to say, “Hey, I can't become successful in home based business, I'm blind, that's a huge thing.” Most of us, we could not even imagine living a life without seeing and these people have created success in business, to prove to other people that you can do it too. If I can do it, you can do it too.

So it is your duty, it is your responsibility, in spite of whatever challenges you have, in spite of whatever difficulties that you’re experiencing right now, in spite of whatever is dragging you down right now to go and create success, to prove to people to show to people, to lead people by example. And you will be proud of yourself but moreover, you’re going to be impacting a lot more people lives than if you just sit at home and cry about how tough your life is and how bad your situation is. That's not going to inspire anybody.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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