How to MOTIVATE your team to do more?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, September 17, 2018 Under: Network Marketing
Very often people ask me how can I motivate my team to do more?

I personally prefer the word INSPIRE instead of motivate. Now, we all would like a secret word or a secret recipe that would make our team members recruit more and sell more. But the reality is that there is only one way to Inspire our team to do more:

It is to do yourself what you want your team members to do. If you want your team to sell more, you need to sell more, if you want your team to recruit more, you need to recruit more. That is the only way. And then make sure that you let your team members see you recruiting and selling so they can be inspired to do the same.

And then when your team members start doing what you want them to do, make sure you celebrate their actions in your Facebook groups, Whatsapp group, face to face and so on so that other people in your team can get inspired by that example.

Here is todays video:


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