How to make your partner ULTRA happy

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I want to talk about how to make your partner ultra happy, super happy, very happy.

Your husband or your wife or your partner, because we’re spend more time together at home, so we better figure this thing out. I wanted to share with you today, actually today I did a cheeky thing, I saw this trainer running a webinar for women.

And I was like, “I need to go and buy that webinar.” I bought that webinar and I went on to that training and it was like 200 women and three guys, three super clever guys. I jumped on that on the webinar, and it was loads of great value, it wasn't just for the women. It was amazing. And there was loads of great tips. But one of the tips I really liked was about how to have a better relationship. How to make your partner ultra happy, like how to make them so happy? And it's a very simple strategy.

The simple strategy is simple as that. Think about what three things I could do that would make my partner super happy today, or this week, or this month or whatever? But best is today. Like wake up in the morning, like if you want a better relationship, if you want more love in your family, if you want more happiness, most people go like, “Oh, our relationship sucks because my wife doesn't do this, that or the other, or our relationship sucks because my husband is worthless. And he's not doing this, that and the other.” Most of us want the other person to change, but we never want to change. Well, actually, that's the wrong way of thinking. When you change, then the rest of the world starts changing.

The thing you should ask yourself every morning, think, what three things I could do to make my wife feel special, what three things I could do, that would make my husband super happy, what three things I could do that would make their day, and do that for the next 90 days. Like every day, think about what three things I could do. And it could be small things like putting the toilet seat down or making breakfast or whatever, or it could be big things. Like something nice, something big. It doesn't really matter.

But imagine if every day you try to do at least three things that makes your other half happy. Do you think that would improve your relationship? Do you think that would make things more exciting, more fun, and more happy in your family? Totally, right? But it's like, “This guy's a business trainer. What the heck is he doing talking about relationships in the family?” Well, I'm getting at something because does this apply only to your husband or to your wife? Does this only apply to your family?

Hell no. It actually applies everywhere, in your business too, you want your leaders to stick to you better. You want your team members to do more. You want your structure to produce more results. Ask the same question. What three things I could do today that would make my leaders happier? What three things I could do today that would make my team more excited. What three things I could do today to improve the life of my business partners?

Imagine if you did that every day, all you cared is just helping making people happy, making people feel better because if you think about it, why do we do anything in life? Like, whatever goals you have, you might want to get this dream car, or to get this dream house or to travel to this amazing destination or whatever it is, you might have a million different goals, right? Guess what? If I dig deep, if I go, “Well, why do you want that thing? Why do you want it? and Why that? Why that?” If I keep asking, guess what I'm going to arrive, you're going to say, “Because it's going to make me feel happy. Because it's going to make me feel happy.”

So if we know that's why we do everything in life to feel happy, then why not make it your mission to help people feel happy all the time, to help your team members feel happy, to help you lead us feel happy, to help your wife feel happy, to help your kids feel happy. If you do that all the time, guess what, your life's going to improve, your business is going to improve, you're going to start making more money, you're going to start achieving more. It's going to be incredible.

And all you're doing, you're just thinking, how can I make this person feel happy? What can I do to make this person feel happier? That's all you have to do. One of the best advice is like every time you meet a person, whether that's physically or vertically through online, imagine that that person has a sign around their neck, and the sign around the neck says, “Make me feel important. Make me feel important.”

That's what the sign around their neck says. So all you have to do is just go, “Whoa, I see Mantas just jumped on, how can I make Mantas happy? Let me send him a wave. Let me send Mantas a wave. Hey, Mantas, I hope you have a fantastic day, man. I'm proud of you. I'm really, really happy that you jumped on. I appreciate that my friend. I really, really like to see you here.” Maybe that made him happy. Maybe not. But it does. You know what I mean?

If I all I did all day long just thought, how can I make Victor feel happy? How can I make Lunette to feel happy? How can I make Chelsea feel happy? How can I make Irina feel happy? How can I make Ruta feel happy? How can I make Rima feel happy? If that's all I did all day long, just thought about how to make these people feel happy, how to make their day better, how to improve on their life, like the ethos you should have in your head that every person that you contact, they should be better off after meeting you than they were before meeting you.

They should be happier after meeting you than before meeting you. They should be more excited after meeting you than before meeting you. And that's my goal with this video. My goal with this video is that most of you would feel more excited, happier, whatever after seeing this video than you were before this video. If that's all you did, like no manipulation, no brain controlling techniques, no nothing just trying to make people feel better all the time. Can you imagine how that will improve your relationships, your business, everything?

Life is simple. Business is simple. It's just people over complicate it. People look for secret. Where’s the secret hidden? Is it under this bottle? Where’s the secret? Where's the secret? I can’t see the secret. Isn't it maybe on this cup? Let me see. The secret is in front of you. It was in front of you your whole life. Because since you were a baby, what did you want? Love. That's all you want. That's all you ever wanted. When you're a baby, all you want is food and love. That's all you want. It doesn't change much from there. Even if you get older, even if you get 10 years old, 20 years old, 30 years old, it doesn't change much from there guys, all we want is love. That's what we want.

So if you just love on people, if you make them feel good, if you make them more confident, if you make them more happy, if you hug them, kiss them, love them, encourage them, give them compliments, support them, hold their hands in hard times, guess what that’s going to feel like? It's kind of feel amazing. And you will improve your relationships, you'll improve your business, you'll improve your money, you'll improve everything. It's simple as that guys, all you have to do is just think how can I make other people's lives better as a consequence of me being in contact with them?

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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