How to make your business more successful ?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, September 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about how to make your business more successful. The lesson for today we can actually learn from the franchises and especially McDonald's franchise.

And somebody once asked, why is McDonald's franchise so successful? Why this business model works so well and there's so many successful restaurants and they make pretty decent money and the model really, really works? And the answer to that question is that McDonald's franchise is designed to be run by people with the lowest level of skill. McDonald's franchise is designed to be run by people with the lowest level of skill. Now, that's not derogatory. That's not to be mean to people who work in McDonald's or run the restaurants.

It's actually a positive thing to say about the system. So the system is designed that this plenty of people who work in McDonald's who are super smart and super sharp and incredible individuals, but the business is designed that even though if the person is not super smart, even if the person is no genius, even if the person hasn't got three higher education degrees, they can still work the business, they can still run the business.

That's why if you look at McDonald's, a lot of McDonald's restaurants, they're run by teenagers. They're run by 18, 19 year olds. How the heck are they managing to run a business with these young people, because it's designed to be run by people with the lowest level of skill. Think about how genius that is. Because so many of us make our business so complicated, so intricate, so sophisticated, that a person has to be super smart, super sharp, in order to be able to run the business, in order to be able to do what has to be done in a business.

But if you simplify your business, so that your business could be done by the people with the lowest level of skill, then you making it available first of all to a much wider audience, and you're also making it more duplicatable. You are making it easier to be run by different people. So think about are you complicating your business all the time or are you simplifying it because the more simple you can make it, the more straightforward, the more basic so that even an eight year old could look at your systems and structures and understand how it works, the more successful you can be because the more people can actually do it and run with it.

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