How to increase the open rate of your group messages on WhatsApp?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about how to increase the open rate of messages to your team on WhatsApp. The topic for today is how to increase the open rate of your group messages on WhatsApp.

As you're building your business, as you're building your team, more and more people will be at, of course, you will be probably creating Facebook group, some Facebook chats or maybe WhatsApp groups, but the challenge is that as people are being added to more and more groups, they become a bit desensitized to the whole group thing, because it just gets so many messages, they just get tired of checking it constantly. And then it gets to a point where they just go, “Ah, just leave it.” And then when they open the group, it's like 67 messages, nobody's reading through all of those 67 messages. And that's when your team members start missing out on some important information.

In between those 67 messages might have been your important announcement, but because there's so much happening in the group chat, because there's so many much happening in the Facebook group for your team, that people start missing out on important information because it's just too much of everything. However, WhatsApp have got a feature that is really awesome called broadcast lists. On WhatsApp, you can private message somebody, that's one option.

Second option is you can create a group on WhatsApp. You add all of your team, and then you put stuff on that group and people see that, but as we know, people stop checking the groups. But there's a third option called broadcast list. You can actually create like a group, so you can add your whole team on a broadcast list, but when you send a group message to that broadcast list, everybody on that broadcast list receives your message, not as a group message, but as a private message. Guess what, people don't check the group's, but they always open the private messages that you send them.

This way when you create a broadcast list on WhatsApp, and you can do the same thing on Viber as well, this way, you're still sending a message to the whole group, but people are getting it as a private message, as a direct message from you.

This way, you are massively increasing their open rate of those messages because people rarely ignore a private message. They might ignore the group messages until the evening or until next day or whatever, but a private message, they will open and check. This way you can still do your announcements, you can still send useful information, but in a form of a broadcast list. And this way, a lot more of your team members will be opening that message and paying attention to what you've got to tell them right.

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