How to have GRADUAL progress and BIG LEAPS in your business?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the two types of progress. One is the gradual type of progress. And the other one is big leaps, quick jumps in your progress, and how to achieve both of those types of progress. Let’s talk about these two types of progress that you can experience in your business.

The first type of progress is the gradual, the constant progress. So it will just go slowly, but always going up and up and up and up and up and up and up in results. Now that's a good type of progress because it's stable, it's predictable and it's constant. You’re constantly progressing. How to achieve this type of progress? What should you do to achieve this type of progress? And what you should do to achieve this type of progress is to do constant activity. We know that in business, we have a thing called income producing activity. An income producing activity is when you're talking to somebody who can say yes, and buy your product, or can say yes, enjoy your business. That's your main income producing activity, when you're asking somebody to take a look at your products, or to take a look at your business.

If you do this activity every single day, if you have your DMO, daily method of operation, and if you do the activities every single day, it doesn't mean you have to work all day, every day. We’re talking every day during activity, maybe that's an hour of your time every day, maybe there's two hours of your time every day. You decide how much time you allocate your home based business, but if you will be consistent, and you’re regularly going to do the activity every single day that produces income, you will have this nice constant growth in your business, you'll have this nice, stable progress in your business. That’s one type of progress.

The second type of progress is the giant leaps, is when you really jump quickly, in your progress, in your business results. How can you have that type of progress? One of the fastest and easiest ways of having those giant leaps of progress in your business, is doing things you're scared to do, is doing things you right now you think you're not ready to do. The more I study successful people and the more stories I hear of wealthy successful businessmen, very often I find that when they took a critical step that made their success possible, most of the time, they were not ready to make that step. They were scared to make that step, they were unprepared to make that step, but they took that step anyway because usually, that's where the biggest leaps of progress lies, in the areas where you feel scared, in the areas where you feel out of your comfort zone, in the areas where you feel out of your element.

That's where usually the biggest leaps of progress lie, but most people usually don't touch those areas because it's easier just to do the little actions every day than to attack the things that you scared. And that could be public speaking, it could be going live, it could be talking to people every single day, it could be cold calling, it could be different things, whatever it is for you. But think about next time you feel that, “Ooh, I'm scared of doing that thing. I'm feeling out of comfort zone to do that thing.” Think about it. Isn't it the thing that could make the biggest progress in your business if you actually did it?

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