How to get your MOTIVATION back if you lost it?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to give you a couple of strategies about how to get your motivation back if you lost it. In home based business, we are run by motivation, and that's our fuel. But sometimes unfortunately, we lose our motivation; it goes out of the window and you wake up and you don't want to do anything, you're not motivated at all.

One of the strategies is to go back to your goals. As soon as you feel you lost your motivation, go back to your goals, read your goals, and maybe rewrite your goals to get that motivation again, to remind yourself, why are you doing this thing? Why are you working this business?

Number two is do personal development. Whenever I feel down, whenever I don't have motivation to do something, I go into personal development, I read a book, I listen to audios or watch a video and that gives me new ideas, new motivation and new power to go back at it and start working. Also surround yourself with people who are motivated. If you surround yourself with people who are motivated, who want to grow, who are building their businesses who are going the same direction that you want to go, you will catch fire from them, you will catch motivation from those people.

Also, just remember that if you feel down if you feel sorry for yourself, if you’re doubting yourself, that means you're out of action, it means you're not in action. Getting back in action very often will solve that problem of negative thinking because when you're busy messaging people, when you're busy having calls, when you're busy having conference calls, then you have no time to be sorry for yourself so get back into action.

Another strategy is gratitude. Just think what you're grateful for; start listing things you're grateful for. Maybe it's your health, maybe it's your home, maybe it's your family, maybe it's your car, and maybe it's whatever, start listing all the things you're grateful for and then your motivation will get back because you will be so grateful for all of these things and gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions, it stops all the negative emotion coming into you.

And the last strategy is the list of successes. You should write this list when you feel good, not when you lost your motivation. You should just sit down, take a piece of paper or take your notebook and write a list of all the successes you achieved in your life. What have you succeeded at? Maybe you finished university, maybe you finished high school, maybe you got married, maybe you have children; write all your achievements, all your successes in life and make that list and when you lose your motivation go back and read that list. Read how many different things you’ve achieved and how amazing you are as a person and that will again very often spark the fire back on when you are ready to go and attack the world again.

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