How to get people to follow your system?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about presenting a system to your team and how to get your team to actually do the system. How to get the team to follow your system.

Very often young leaders or not so young leaders in network marketing struggle to get their team members to sign up for a new system, to sign up for a new program, to actually do and follow the step by step system and the challenge with that is that people will not follow a theoretical system. People want to see results.

The best way to get your team to follow your system is to actually go out there and get the results by using your system because once you start getting results by applying what you've learned, the chances are your team members will want to get those results too. And they will notice that, hey, she's getting more sales, hey, he's getting more recruits into the business, hey, he’s hitting new levels, what is going on? So it will be 10 times easier for you to get your team to subscribe to your system once you have results to show.

Now, maybe you're going to do it just on your own. Or maybe you can get like a testing group. You can get like a test group of maybe three, four or five people, you teach them the new system separately from the whole team and you say, “Well, let's go and test this, maybe it's not going to work out. Maybe it's not going to give us results.”

And you go and apply the system for a week, two weeks, three weeks, whatever. Once you've seen the results, once you've seen that it consistently produces better results than whatever you've been using, then you can go back to the team, to the whole team and say, “Hey guys, if you're using whatever you're using, if it's working for you keep doing what you're doing. But me and a couple of guys, we've been trying out something, and it's been giving us better results, more income, more customers, more team members, if you're interested, or if you're interested, give me a shout. I'll tell you more about it.”

And then those people who are interested, they will raise their hand and they'll say, “Hey, I want to learn what you guys do. I want to learn how to get results.” Now if you came to your team without having proven the results, they will be a lot slower to take up this new information and to use this new system that you got prepared for them.

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