How to find more customers and business partners on social media?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about how to find more team members and more customers on social media. Lately, a lot of people ask, they say, “Look, because of all the situation, we're spending less time with other people, we’re meeting less new people. So there's less communication, there's less live communication, how can we find more customers and more team members on social media?”

Now, I understand that you’re meeting less people face to face; but to say that there is less live communication, that's a mistake. Why? Because social media doesn't stop you from having live communication with people and having real conversations. You see the mistake that most people do is they think that social media is just for putting advertisements, is just for putting posts saying, “Now recruiting, only three people can join my team, please join here, my referral link.”

That's the only thing they do. Of course, they're not getting the results and they say, “Ah, social media doesn't work,” because they're not using social media the way they're supposed to do. Because social media actually helps you to have more conversations with people, helps you to communicate with more people. But you see the main business happens in the messenger, not in your Facebook ad, not in putting posts across groups, not in just putting some stuff out there hoping for God, that somebody comes to join your team, it doesn't work that way.

If you want to get more customers on social media, if you want to recruit more people on social media, you need to have more conversations. The more conversations you have with people, like a normal person by reaching out to somebody, getting to know them, talking to them, ask them a question, “Hey, would you be open to take a look at my product? Would you be open to take a look at my business?” The more conversations you have, the more people you'll find who will say, “Yeah, I would be open. Yeah, I'll take a look.” That's what it's all about. If the only thing you do is just putting ads on Facebook, is just putting little posts and hoping that people will come to you, that strategy worked 10 years ago, doesn't work so well nowadays. Nowadays, it's a lot more about having that communication about building that relationship with somebody and reaching out to them and checking with them, asking them, “Hey, would you be open or not.”

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