How to expand in a NEW COUNTRY?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, February 22, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to expand your business to new countries. If you've got an international business and you want to go into a new country, maybe your company just launched a brand new country, or maybe there's a particular country that you'd like to build your business, how to launch into that country because some people using some strategies that don't really work and other people use very simple strategy that really works well. 

Maybe your company just opened a brand new country or maybe you got a country that you kept your eye on and you’re thinking, “I need to be building in that country.” A lot of network marketers, they do they do crazy strategies where they go and like, “Hey, we're launching in America.” Like that's going to get every American to jump on and join the company. It seems like if you live in U.K somebody's going on U.K Facebook group and go, “Hey, we're launching in U.K join us all and join the business.” That’s not going to work, that's not going to excite anybody. 

The best way to build your business in a brand new country, if you want to expand in a certain country, is to ask everybody within your team who do you know, so if I want to launch in Romania or I want to launch in Bulgaria, I'm going to call each and every one of my team members and go, “Hey, who do you know in Romania? Hey, do you know any Romanians? Hey, who do you know?” And I'll get some people. Some people from my team will go, “Oh, I know. so and so, she's Romanian.” And this way I can find people and plus, they're not going to be cold contacts anymore. Because if somebody recommends me on to them, if somebody says, Yeah, I know somebody who lives there. Now, it's like a recommendation. It's like a warm contact. So it's much easier to build the business that way. So don't ever, if you want to build a business in Tanzania, you don't need to now fly to Tanzania. You need to look around yourself. Who do I know from Tanzania? Or maybe some of my team members they know somebody from Tanzania all right. And that's how your business can start expanding into those countries. 

That's the best way to build a business in another country instead of going and putting advertisers, instead of going and spamming Facebook groups saying, “We are launching in Romania.” It’s not going to work, nobody's going to jump on it just because you're launching in that country etc. 

You can even use this within your country so if I want to expand my business in Manchester all I need to do is ring every single one of my team members and go, “Hey, do you know anybody in Manchester?” Even in UK if I want to expand into Manchester or I want to expand it to Edinburgh or into Glasgow whatever all I need to do is just ring my team members and go, “Hey Do you know anybody in Glasgow?” And guess what I will find people who will go, “Yeah I know so and so or somebody I studied with lives there, you know what my brother in law lives there. Oh my auntie lives there,” etc., and I can start expanding into that city, I can start building a business in that city same way, same strategy I can use for the other country.

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