How to ensure that my team member only does my business?

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Let me ask you this question; have you ever had a team member who did multiple companies? So they do your business, but they also do another business and they also do whatever. So how do you ensure that your team member only does your business opportunity? They don't do other business opportunities?

Well, a lot of people ask this question. So it's important to discuss this and a short answer is that it is entirely up to you whether they're going to do just your company, or whether they're going to do a bunch of other companies. What does that mean? You cannot forbid for somebody in your team to do another business because it's like whatever you're not allowed to do, what do you do, you do it because it's not right, remember as a kid, if you were not allowed to do something, you would do anything to make sure you do that thing that you are not allowed to do. So same here, you can't forbid, you can't just go, “You are not allowed to do other business, you're not allowed to join another company.” Because they're going to do it anyway. They're going to do it anyway.

So how do you then ensure that the person actually stays in your business and does your business and not other companies? Because sometimes somebody might come to your team from another company, or sometimes somebody who is already on your team, they might join another company. So how do you stop a person from doing other businesses?

Well, we already determined that you can't forbid them, you can’t go, “Oh, you're not allowed to do anything else.” Because it's just not going to happen, they're going to do whatever they want to do. So you're not going to ban somebody, you're not going to tell somebody off for doing another thing. So how could you then ensure that the person just does your business? It is actually how they feel in your business.

So if you make the person feel so welcome, if you make the person gets so much value by being in your team, whether that's in training, in recognition, in support, in whatever, if you give them so much value, that when they are here, when they are in your business, they feel like, “Oh, my gosh, this is amazing, the products is incredible, the training is amazing, my sponsor is great, the relationships here are awesome.” And then they go to the other company and it's like, “Ah, not so good, not so great.”

You need to give so much value here in your business than a person who wouldn't even consider going somewhere else, than the person who wouldn't even think about going anywhere. So even if they do go, they quickly come back because they go, “Well, that wasn't as good as this, this is best.” So that's your job as a leader. Very often I see leaders, who sometimes people leave from their team, and they go to another company, or they quit the business, and then they go, “Ah, so and so is leaving my company going to another company.” Doesn't make any sense to me, it's your fault.

If somebody is leaving from your team and going to another team or going to another company, it's your fault. It's not their fault because that means you haven't built enough relationship with that person, you have not supported them enough, you have not looked after them enough, you have not ensured that they start making money and that's why they leave. So if somebody leaves my team, I don't blame that person. I blame myself-- I don't blame myself, but I go, “Okay, what could I have done better with this person? How could I have worked better with this person? How could I have supported this person better, to make sure that they stay in the business, to make sure that they stay with our company?”

So same here, when you want the person in your team just to do your business, so let's say somebody came from another company into your business, so they’re still doing the other thing, but they're now doing your thing as well? How do you make sure that they focus on this, can you say to them, “Ah, stop doing the other thing, don't do it.” No, because that's just going to raise resistance, that's just going to cause more problems and that's just going to encourage them to go to another thing because I bet when you are in another thing, you’re not waving fingers at them.

But if that person comes in you make them feel so welcome. You provide them with so much valuable training, you build such a great relationship with them, you mentor them, you support them, and you help them to start making money, you make them feel part of this amazing business, you make them feel part of the team, you introduce them to other leaders, they start building friendships, they start going up through the ranks, they start making some money, they start being recognized, guess what, they're going to feel so good here that it will no longer makes sense to do the other thing.

That's how you ensure that somebody sticks with your business and stays with your business for a very long time. Okay, it's by creating a culture, it’s by creating a great environment that everybody feels welcome no matter what is their desire level, no matter what is their ambition, no matter whether they’re just a customer, or they’re just selling products, or they’re building a team as well, you make everybody feel welcome and you create this amazing environment where everybody's striving, where everybody enjoys themselves, where everybody is happy and trust me, nobody will want to leave your team they will be bringing people over to your team.

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