How to earn MORE money?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, June 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about how to earn more money. Almost everybody would like to earn more money but they do one critical mistake and I will try to show you how to avoid that today. The title of this blog is how to make more money and of course there's a million strategies how to make more money, you can get an extra job, you can start your own business, you can invest and do all of that, but this blog is not about that really.

The reason why you're not making more money right now is because of your self-worth. You’re actually making the right amount of money right now. You're making the amount of money that you think you are worth right now.

I know this may sound silly and this may sound stupid, and you might say, “Well, that's what my employer is paying me. That's what my job is paying me and I don't have any choice.” Really? Do you really have no choice in how much money you making? Or have you chosen the job that you're working right now? Have you chosen not to go for the promotion? Have you chosen not to apply for the higher paying jobs? Have you chosen not to go to college or university? Have you chosen not to study or attend seminars or invest in yourself or read books?

Everything in your life is because of a choice you made or a choice you didn't make. So the reality is that the amount of money that you making right now, it is completely under your control. And whatever you’re making right now is the amount of money that you decided that you're worth. And that's the job you went for. That's the job you accepted. That's the work you're doing right now. And that's what you being paid.

So, not talking about different strategies, how to make more money, but talking about the fact if you want to make more money, first thing you have to do is you have to increase your self-worth, you have to increase your self-value. When you start valuing yourself more, when you start looking at yourself as a bigger, more successful person, as somebody who's worth a lot more money than somebody is paying them right now, that's when your income will start increasing. That's when you will start setting a higher price. And it applies everywhere guys, and you will see it.

Right now if I'm saying these things and it doesn't make any sense to you, probably it's too early for you and I was there too, so don't worry about it. I was there at some point where I used to hear these kinds of thoughts and these kind of things and I was just like, “Hey, I just have to pay my bills. I don't care about my self-worth, I just need to make sure that I have enough money to pay the rent by the end of this month.” And that's why I kept struggling. And that's why I was always broke because that was my self-worth. That was my goal to survive.

If your goal is to survive, you're going to hit that goal, you'll achieve that every month. And next month starts and you go, “How to survive this month again.” But when you start increasing your self-value, then you start saying, “Well, I don't want to just survive. I want to thrive. I want to be wealthy. I want to be successful.” And when you start raising that bar, then guess what happens, your income starts catching up, the money you’re being paid starts catching up. So how can you increase your self-worth? There's probably different ways but my favourite is personal development.

The fastest, the most economical, the cheapest way to raise your self-worth is to start investing in yourself through personal development. Start reading books, start watching videos, start attending seminars, start watching video courses, and so on and so on. Start pumping into your head, good, positive personal development, and that will start raising your value, that will start raising your self-worth, because it's impossible for you to start listening to Les Brown, to Zig Ziegler to Jim Ron to Tony Robbins, to T Harv Eker, to Grant Cardone, to all of these guys. It's impossible for you to start listening to all of these guys, reading their books, attending the seminars, and still look at yourself as this low person, still look at your goal to survive a month, it will not be possible because you your mindset will shift so much that you will say, “This is not enough. I have to achieve more, I'm worth more, I am better than this.”

And when these thoughts will start coming into your head, guess what's going to start happening? You will start making more money, you'll start being paid more, people will start seeking you out and saying, “Hey, can I pay you money? You come work for me? Can I pay you money? You come consult me? Can I pay you money? Can you show me? Can you teach me?” It will start happening. But you have to raise your own self-value. Nobody can come from outside and do something with you and raise yourself value so that you now feel all worth and all brave, that's impossible. Only you can do that. And you have to make that choice. You have to make that decision. When you make that decision, your life will change the ways you can't even imagine.

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