How to convert a CUSTOMER into a BUSINESS PARTNER?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about how to convert a customer into a business partner, into a team member. How can you convert your customers into business partners because customer is great, but a team member is greater?

Why? Because a customer will always just be a customer, a business partner can bring another 10 customers, 20 customers, 50 customers. A business partner can cause a lot more damage than a customer. That's why we obviously want to also build the team as well as our customer base, if we want to have that nice passive income coming to us year after year after year.  How do you get a customer to become a team member? They try the product, they love the product, but they haven't joined the business yet.

One way is just to ask the customers, just to say, “Hey, do you like this product?” And if they keep buying it, then probably yeah, they do like the product? And just ask them “Hey, did you know that you could also make some extra money by recommending this product to other people?” Now you'll say, “How could they not know?” Trust me, a lot of your customers don't even know that they could make money by selling your product. I lost count how many million dollar earners I heard in network marketing say, “Yeah, I used the product for like two years, I never knew I could make money with it. And then I found out and I crushed it.” What does that mean?

That means the person who introduced them to the product, never told them about the business opportunity. That's a mistake number one, because if you never tell your customer about the business opportunity, they might be recruited by another person in your company. Yeah, because if you didn't tell them about the business opportunity, somebody else does, they'll go and join their team because you never told them that there's a way of earning money. So that's number one.

Number two is giving a chance for your customer to actually try network marketing without realizing it. I used to do that all the time. When I first started, I would say to my customer, “Hey, I'm glad you're buying this product from me. And by the way, if you bring me three friends who buy a product from me, I'll give you your next product for free.”

And it would be worthwhile for me anyway. But if they did that, and they brought me free customers, I'd say, “Hey, you literally just did what I did. You can actually do this business, do you realize that? You can actually make money with this business, because what you just did, you brought me those three customers. That's exactly what we do in our business to make money. That means you can do my business? Would you like to join my team and actually start making money from this thing?” That's number two.

And number three, a lot of network marketing business partners, they’re scared to tell their customer how much money they making from them. That's a mistake number two. Don't be scared of telling your customer how much money you make from them. I tell all the time. I say “Hey, thanks for your order, I just made 30 quid from your order. And by the way, you can register as a business partner and next time, you'll be buying this products with that discount, that money will stay in your pocket.

And if you decide to recommend it to other people, you'll be making that 30 quid or 50 quid or 100 quid.” When you tell them the income opportunity, when you tell them that they can actually make money with it, again, that might start the cogs turning and they might think, you know what, I could do this thing, I could recommend this product to other people. Never be scared of telling your customers about this because some of those customers will become best of your team members.

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