How to choose the right home based business network marketing company?

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I want to talk about how to choose the right network marketing company, the right home based business for you, what to look for, and what things to stay away from, if you can. Today I wanted to talk about how to choose the right network marketing company for you, what to look for, how to get the best out of the best, what things to pay attention to.

I've been in network marketing for 10 years now. I know a thing or two about network marketing companies, I've been shown a hundreds of presentations of different companies. I've attended lots of trainings and seminars to really figure out what are the best things in the companies and what things to look for. Let’s start from the top.

I'm going to start from the most important one of all, and that is product. That's right, product is the most important thing when choosing the network marketing company. A lot of people say, “Well, should I look at the marketing plan? Should I look at the training?” And we're going to talk about different things to look for. But the most important one of all is the product. Do you like this product? Will you use this product? And would you get excited about this product?

Because if you can't get excited about that product, if you wouldn't be excited about sharing it with other people, you're not going to make it and worst of all, if I asked you the question, would you use this product if wasn't a network marketing company? Would you buy this product if there wasn't a business attached to it? And if your answer is no, run away from this company as fast as you can. If you wouldn't use this product, if you wouldn't buy this product, if it wasn't attached to the network marketing company, then that's a no, no, that's a red flag. That's the alarm bells ringing. That's the company you want to stay away from as much as you can. First of all, think the product, look for the product that you can get excited about, that you can get behind them.

Also, if the product is consumable, if the product is used by people all the time, that's also a great sign because that's repeat business. Is it a product or service that people buy only once? Or is it a product or service that people will buy again, and again and again and again from you? Because the repeat business again is great. It keeps the business going. It keeps the money rolling. Also is the production sold at a good competitive price?

Of course, very often network marketing company products will be more expensive than the ones in the shop simply because the quality is much better. Because remember, network marketing relies on recommendation, shops, they advertise the products, they put them in newspapers and television, Network Marketing, home based business doesn't advertise, the only way you would find out about it is via recommendation, so they have to have better quality than the shop in order for you to recommend it.

Because if it was worst quality, why would you ever recommend that product? So usually, because of that better quality, the product will be slightly more expensive. But the question is, is it still competitive? Is it still possible for you to sell that product? Or will you struggle selling that product? So think about the price, is the price, a good price? Is it competitive?

And is this product always needed? Or is it a fad? Or is it a fashion thing? Or is it just the trend that's happening right now? Or is it a product that people used 50 years ago and they will use it 50 years from now? Think about how applicable is this product, how widely used is this product? Product is the biggest thing to look for. But that's not the only thing I will give you a few more.

Next one is training, what training and support will you receive? Because yeah, you can do the solo thing. You can tough it all out by yourself. But it is so much easier to make progress in the business to make more money and achieve more when you do have training and support in place. So check out before you join a company, what sort of training and support will they provide?

What sort of resources will you get access to because if there's no training, then it might be more challenging than if you have the training. Not to say that you can't, like I'm going to mention a bunch of things and you could make it and you could make big money and you could succeed in spite of them. Even if you don't have some of these things in your company, you could still make millions in your business, but it's the more of these you can tick the boxes, the bigger the chance for success.

Next one, number three is auto ship. Does the company have the auto ship? Do you have to buy a certain amount of products every single month on automatic and they get sent out to your home? Or do you get to choose whether you want to buy or not? Does it mean if you don't buy one month, you straightaway get crossed out, thrown out, you lose your team and all of that, or does it mean it's okay. If you buy some month, it's good. If you don't buy, it's not a problem.

Like you don't get attacked right away by the company. Because again, companies that have a product that sells well, they sell it well anyway. But sometimes when a company is struggling to sell a product, they will force distributors to buy large amounts of it to get rid of it because they're struggling to sell it organically. If the company is not forcing you to buy large amounts of products every single month, that's a good sign.

Next is cost of joining, how much does it cost to get started? How much does it cost to join? Because again, the more expensive it is to join, the bigger the barrier is going to be for other people to join your team. So if you want to grow a big business, if you want to grow a big team, the more expensive it is to join, usually, the harder it is to recruit people. Now again, not to say that you can't because other people see a benefit in having a larger price because when it's more expensive to join, the more serious people join. And when it's free to join, sometimes a lot of time wasters join. It's Yin and Yang, you can have a balance there too.

Number five is leadership. What sort of leadership will you have? Who are the mentors, who are the sponsors? Who are the leaders you'll be working with? Now again, it's not to say that you can't succeed without a sponsor. You can't succeed without a leader because I've seen some incredibly successful people in network marketing who started with no sponsors, with no help, and they still succeeded. However, if you do have great leadership, if you do have great mentorship, then it helps, it doesn't hurt to have great help in your business. That’s also important.

Number six is marketing plan. One, do you understand it? Because when choosing a good company, especially when trying to separate true proper network marketing companies, from the ponzi schemes, from the pyramids, from the money games, marketing plan is often the telling sign. I've been in the business for 10 years, and I've seen many network marketing companies, but sometimes, somebody comes and goes, “Oh, can I share my business opportunity and can I show.”

And I'm usually an open guy, “Hey, you can show me yours. I'll show you mine, we can talk about business. It’s not a problem.” So they come to me and they show the business, and me after trainings, reading books, being in a business for many years, sometimes look at the presentation and go, “I don't understand where the money's coming from.” That's a red flag. That's the alarm bells ringing, because if you don't understand where the money's from, where the money's coming from, how are they managing to pay you that much? There might be a problem with that company, there might be a problem with that network marketing. So the clearer it is, the simpler it is, the easier it is for you to understand how the money's made, the more safe usually the company is.

And also some companies, they shout, “Oh, we give back 90% of the money that we turn over.” Again, think about it, if the company's giving away all the money, how long are they going to survive? How are they going to do all the incentive programs and provide the resources and develop the products and do all the events if they’re giving away all the money? Always be wary because some companies are here today gone tomorrow and the advertisers with huge returns, they will give all the money back and then boom, nothing. So it's really, really important to have the right marketing plan which pays well, but it's clear where the money is coming from.

Next is tools. What tools will you get when you start working with this company? What sort of resources are provided, a presentation video, a back office, incentive programs are the tools. There might be a million different kinds of tools. So, figure out, find out what sort of tools are you going to be provided in this business? What sort of things come in your starter pack? What sort of things you will have to work with? What sort of tools do you have to get customers? What sort of tools do you have to get distributors in a business and so on? It's really, really important to know what tools you have.

Number eight is market saturation. How busy is this company? How saturated is the market with the product? Now again, it doesn't mean if you join a company that's been around for 50 years, you have no chance in hell for success because that's simply not true. You can succeed with any company. However, there's always a balance, one is like, we have ground floor brand new patent pending, pre launch, nothing is happening yet, but you can join and be the first, usually, high risk, because you're not sure how long is this going to last? If it's even going to start?

And then you have companies, they've been around for 50 years, like everybody knows about it, and everybody is full of it, and everything else in between. So have a think, within your circle, within your friend circle, within your family, within your workplace, is there many other people doing this business already? Or nobody heard of it? It's new. Will you have to fight against other five distributors in your street? Or, like nobody has even heard of your company and so on? Think about it. Again, it's a balance. Ideally you want the company to be already five years older, because that's proven that they're going to survive. But again, you want it to be young enough that there's opportunities for you to do business.

Next, number nine, is the company, like the people in the company, how are the people in the company? Will you be able to talk to them? Do they care about the company and the mission and, and the distributors? Do they care about you making progress and so on? Or do they like, so high, you don't even see them ever? And you don't even know who they are? How good is the company? How good is the communication with the distributors and the company? How good are the events that the company puts out? That’s the company side, also very important.

Next is sponsor, who's the person who invited you in the business? Are they committed to the business? Do they have your best interest in mind? Are they serious, or are they sort of quite flaky themselves, and they're not quite sure? Again, not to say that if you don't have good sponsor, you will never succeed. But if you have a strong sponsor who's committed, you can lock arms with them and go hard at it, it helps. That's all I'm saying, it doesn't hurt to have a great sponsor.

Also, is it international? Can you only build your business in your street? Or can you only build your business in your town? Or can you only build business in your country? Or is it international? Can you grow your business in other countries and other continents? Globally? So again, how is that, how is the online side of the of the company? Do they have websites, online shops, landing pages, contact management systems in their back office? Do they provide that for you?

All these things, I've mentioned quite a lot of things that if you are choosing a home based business company, if you are looking for a network marketing company, considered all of these, think about this, if you’re having a presentation with somebody, maybe have a list of these things and ask the person, “How about this? How about that? How about this?” Don't be scared, because the person who showed you the presentation will only respect you more for that. Because if you ask him smart questions, that means you're serious. That means you're considering the business properly and that's really, really important.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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