How to build CREDIBILITY?

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I want to talk about credibility, how to build your credibility, whether that's on social media or other platforms. How do you come across as credible person? How do you increase your credibility in front of other people?

How do you come across as credible? How do you build your credibility in front of other people and how do you improve it if you haven't got much credibility right now? So it's actually four steps towards building your credibility. So step number one is connection. You have to connect with your audience, right? So you have to show that you care, you have to show your emotion, you have to show your vulnerability in order for you to connect with your audience, right.

The message you're sending has to be a message that people can relate to. Because if you don't come across as genuine, if you don't come across as relatable, you'll be more difficult. And then once you get interaction with whether that's videos, posts when people start commenting, you have to respond to those comments and you have to connect with people where they see that you really care about that conversation going etc. So, number one is connection you have to connect with your audience.

Number two is value. You have to bring value, unless you're a Kardashian and you can put a picture of your morning omelette and 55,000 people like it, then you probably going have to give some value to people in order for those people to start trusting you and you becoming credible in front of those people. Because if you're talking about weather, if you boring people, then you don't want to come across as very credible. So, but when you give value to people, when you give useful information that those people see value in then your credibility will grow in their eyes, right. So that's number two.

Number three is consistency. You have to be consistent if you want to be looked as credible, because if you do three videos and give up on it, that's not going to build your credibility. If you do a few posts, and then you disappear for a week, that's not going to build your credibility, when you're consistent with what you're doing, whether that's posting pictures, whether that's doing live videos, whether that's interviewing people, whether that's doing whatever it is you're doing, if you're not going to do it consistently, your credibility will go down instead of going up.

But when people see you do something every single day or every single week, or every single month, they'll see that oh, this person is serious about what they do. They don't messing about, they're being consistent therefore, they must be credible person, they must be a person that I can trust, right? So that's number three, being consistent.

And then finally, step number four is ubiquity, ubiquity. That's a big word, right? It basically means you being everywhere, right? So a lot of you love one platform and you just home in on that one platform. Now, that's not too bad. But if you really want to build your credibility, you want to spread across platforms. So you're everywhere, right? So people see you on Facebook. People see you on Instagram, people see you on YouTube. People see you on LinkedIn, people see your podcast, people see your telegram channel, and people see your email, subscribers list. So you're all over the platforms that also build credibility, because people go wow, that person is everywhere.

Like that person wherever I turn, I see this person everywhere, right? And that's what again, builds your credibility. Think about guys like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, where do you not see them. There's no place on social media or anywhere else where you can't see them like they are everywhere, right? Like they all they own all the platforms, they're producing content, they're everywhere. And that's how again, you build your credibility because people go, wow, this person is serious, because they taking over the world, they're really, consistent across all the platforms, right.

So again, if you want to build your credibility, you want to go wider, instead of just focusing on one platform, you want to start spreading across everywhere. So we will go wow, this person is all over the place. They must be big in their game; they must be serious about what they're doing. So these are the four steps guys to building your credibility.

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