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The title of this blog is how to answer how much does it cost?

So those of you in network marketing and home based business, when you start recruiting, when you start building a team, one of the objections you will get thrown at you is, “Well how much does it cost?” What you need to understand that when somebody saying that before they've seen your business presentation, they’re saying that to get rid of you to basically put the spanner in the works so that you would go, “Oh.” And then they can go, “Oh, yeah, I’m not interested.”

The key here is to get the person to watch the presentation because before the person seeing your presentation, they don't know what they’re saying no to. They don't know what you're offering to them. They don't know what is it that your business entails. So whatever objection somebody gives you before this in the presentation, you have to look at it as a smokescreen, they’re just trying to smoke you out. They’re just trying to get rid of you or whatever. So one of my favourite ways of answering that is, “Hey, it may not cost you anything because this might not even be a fit for you.” Now, I know in our business opportunity is free to join, but guess what, if somebody is going to do it seriously, they might want to get some products, they might want to get some sample kits.

The idea is that they may have to spend some money and they may want to spend some money when they’re getting started in the business. Or they can start for free, but just bear with it. The idea is that it doesn't really matter even if you say, “Oh no, it's free to join.” They're going to find another reason why just to say no to you because they haven't seen the presentation yet. So you don't need to convince them to join your business before they seen the presentation.

The idea here is to get them get their objection out of the way to get them to see the information first. Once they see in the presentation, then yes, they might have some valid questions and valid doubts or reasons you can explain that. But before they have seen the presentation, if they go, “How much does it cost?” Just go ahead, “Look, it may not even cost you anything because this might not be a fit for you, you might not even like this. So why don't you just watch the video, it’s nine minutes long. It'll explain to you what the business all about is and how we make money. And once you've seen that, then I'll be happy to answer all of your questions and show you how to get started. How does that sound?”

And most people go, “Well, okay, then.” And then you send the video, you put them in the business opportunity group, tag them on the video, once they've seen the video, then you can start answering the questions, because a lot of people will try to do this to you before they even see the presentation they’ll go, “Well, what's the business about?” “Well, that's what the video explains.” “Yeah, but before I see the video, can you tell me what the business is about?” “No I can’t because that's what the video is for.” So people will try to throw these questions at you before the like, what's the product? You know, what difference does it make? What's the product? You know, if you're not going to like the business ain't going to do the business and you're not going to sell buy the product anyway, you know what I mean?

Don't get into much conversation. Don't get into answering too many questions before the person seen the presentation? You know, don't waste too much time with that person. Because remember you’re not convincing. You're sorting for people. So if somebody is not even open minded enough to look at a nine minute video, then the chances are they ain't going to do the business either. You know what I mean?

So just say, “Hey, look, before I answer any of your questions, why don't you watch the video, the video does the job. And if you decide to do the business, guess what? You will be showing the video to other people too, right? So if I answer all of your questions, now, you will say, oh, I can't do this business because I can't learn all these answers. You know what I mean? So just watch the video. Once you watch the video, I'll explain to you.” And this way, it'll award you a lot of hassle answering a million questions before somebody actually had a look at your business.

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