How to achieve your FINANCIAL GOALS?

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I want to talk about how to achieve your financial goals. I've learned this process from one of the people that I really like to watch the trainings. His name is John Assaraf. And this process is called GOOP. The acronym is G-O-O-P which stands for goal, outcome, obstacle and a plan. So it's a four step process.

Step one is for you to write down an achievable goal. Now the key here is to write a goal for next week, not next five years, not next 10 years, you can have those types of goals as well, but for this process, it has to be quick. So it has to be soon, it doesn't have to be massive, but what's the goal for next week? How much money would you like to make next week? What would you like to achieve next week? And so on. So what's your goal for next week? And ask yourself, why can I achieve it? Why can I achieve it? Find the reasons why you can do it. Not the reasons why you can't do it. So that's step one.

Step two, write the desired emotional outcome. How is that going to make you feel? So when you achieve that goal? How is that going to make you feel? How will you feel? Will you feel happy? Will you feel satisfied? Will you feel accomplished? How will you feel when you achieve that goal?

Step three, identify two, three obstacles that could stop you. So step three is identifying obstacles, what could prevent you from achieving this goal? What has prevented you in the past from achieving goals like this? And have a think about it. What are the reasons that could stop you?

And then finally, step number four, how are you going to overcome the obstacle. You make a plan to overcome those obstacles that has stopped you in the past. You see, most people never learn from their mistakes. And they let the same problems, the same obstacles, the same difficulties to keep stopping them over and over and over and over again in their life.

But if you learn from your mistakes, and there's nothing wrong with making mistakes, by the way, as long as you learn from them, if you learn from your mistakes, then you can make a plan to prevent this problem from stopping you in the future, to prevent this challenge from giving you a road stop right in your journey. So these are the four steps, number one, what do you want to achieve over the next week? Number two, how do you want to feel about it when you achieve it? Number three, what could stop you what problems or challenges could prevent you? And number four, what's your plan to overcome those obstacles and achieve that goal? Simple as that.

Try it for next week. Think how much more did you want to make next week? How many customers do I want to find next week? How many Business Builders don't want I'm find next week? What do you want to achieve next week in your business, and then go and attack it? You don't have to just make long term goals like five, 10, 15 years, sometimes having these short term goals really puts you on a track to success. And they see that self confidence grows the most, not when you have a huge massive win.

Because very often people think that they just got lucky. They don't think that it was down to them that luck. But the best way to grow your confidence is when you have loads of small successes, one after another after another after another, that really grows your self confidence and gives you that feeling that hey, I can do this thing. I'm doing the same. I'm handling this thing.

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