How to achieve BALANCE in your life?

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I want to talk about balance.

Now balances, it's a big word, a lot of people throw it around and I truly believe that it's important to have a balance in your life, but the balance I'm talking about might not be the balance you think about so I wanted to share it with you. And I hear a lot of it around like all work life balance, how to get the balance in your business and your life. So, I heard this story and I really, really loved it. Actually, I heard it on Sunday and the priest actually was telling the story, he shared the story and I thought, wow, it's powerful. Don't worry, I didn't actually go to a church. I was watching the mass from home online. I'm still self isolating and all of that, I'm staying safe.

The story is of a person by the name of St. John Bosco. Now, St. John Bosco was a religious man, but he was also very much into tricks and magic and he loved circus, and one time a circus arrived in this town of course, he went to see the performance and everything and he saw that the tightrope walker, the person who puts the rope between the two trees or whatever, and walks the rope, and of course, he wanted to do it himself. So he said, “Oh, can I try it? Can you teach me? Can you teach me?”

And the Acrobat or however you call him. He says, “Of course, I will teach you.” But before he could even explain to St. John Bosco how to walk the tightrope, St. John Bosco goes up the tree goes on the rope, falls down. Oh, hurts himself a little bit, but he picks himself up, goes back up, up the tree again and tries to walk the rope one more time and falls again. And he go, “Oh my gosh.” He goes up the third time and of course he falls down the third time again. And by now the Acrobat says, “Hey, hold it, hold it. Do you actually want me to teach you how to walk the tightrope so that you stop falling, and you actually get a result?”

Here's lesson one, before you like go crazy with something, if there is somebody that can show you how to do it, let them show you how to do it because I remember when I first started in business, I thought I knew better than everybody else. I thought there's nothing I can learn from my sponsors, from my leaders, I know everything better. I'll do it myself. Then I fell flat on my face that I realized that I don't know everything. And I better start listening to what my mentors are telling me.

That's the lesson but that's not the lesson I wanted to teach you. So he takes St. John Bosco back up the tree onto the rope and he says, “Right now, if you want to walk this rope without falling, you have to stop looking down. You have to stop looking up. You have to stop looking to the sides, the only thing you have to be focused on is walking and looking straight ahead of you, looking where you want to get to at the end of the rope. That's the only thing you have to look at. That's how you can walk the rope without falling off it.” That's keeping the balance on the rope.

But when it comes to keeping the balance in your life in business, it is very similar to that rope as well. Why? Because when you want to keep the balance in your life, it works the same way. You can't focus on people who are below you. You can't look at people who are more advanced than you because we know that the comparison is the biggest thief of happiness. If you compare yourself against other people, you will rob yourself of happiness, you'll always be unhappy. So you can't look down, you can look up, you’re only looking at yourself. Also, you can't look sideways.

Like if you're in a business, you can't be looking, oh, that company is also looking nice and that business also looking nice. If you're in a relationship, again, you can't be looking sideways. You have to just focus on where you want to get to. So what do you need to focus on?

Well, you need to focus on the vision of you that you want to become. You have to focus on the vision of you that you want to become, who is the person that you want to become in business? Who is the person you want to become in relationships? Who is the person you want to become in health? Who is the person you want to become in money, in everything, in all areas of your life? That's what you need to focus on. So it's not just the business. It's not just focused on that money, or just focus on that car, you have to get the completeness of it.

And the word I really liked was one person said, don't focus on balance, focus on harmony. Don't focus on balance, and focus on harmony. Because you see very often, we focus just on one thing, like how do I get better in making money? How do I get better in business, but then we neglect other areas of our life, like our spiritual life, like our relationships, like our health. And I only see that a million times. I only done it a million times to myself where you get too focused on one area and the other areas start to suffer. So the goal, again, like on walking that tightrope, is to focus on the harmony of all of these things where you want it to be. So I'm sure you don't just want to make more money. You also want to be healthier. You want to be fitter. You want to have great relationships, you want to have good mental health, you want to maybe have great spiritual health, maybe or spiritual being.

So there's all these areas. So you have to paint that picture of your ideal life of your harmony, and that's what you focus on. That's how you achieve balance. When you just looking straight ahead of you, when you're going there, where you are, where your focus is on what you want to achieve, instead of focusing on what's happening around you, what are the other people doing and so on? As soon as you take your eye off the prize, you get distracted, you get all sorts of problems and challenges, but if you stay focused, if you stay true, you'll walk that rope and you won't fall down.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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