How NOT to prospect in Network Marketing?

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I want to talk about how not to prospect people in network marketing.

So a couple of days ago, I was chatting with somebody on social media and we realized that that person was also in network marketing. And I go, “Well, I'm also in network marketing.” And he goes, “My one is better. Do you want to see it?” And I went, “Hmm, let me think about it. But no, I'm not interested.” Because that's not definitely not the way to approach somebody. The last thing you want to do is go, “My company's better than yours,” is rubbish.

Like one of the worst things you can do when you’re speaking to somebody from another company, is to put that company down, is to say, “Oh, it's a bad company, or it's a bad product, or it's really difficult to work in that company,” even if it's true. So even if it's true, even if you know that your company's better, even if you know that your product is better, even if you know that it's easier to build business in your company than that company, I would never say bad things about another company. Because it never makes you look better. It never makes you look better.

If anything, it makes you look worse when you’re attacking another company, when you’re attacking another person, when you’re attacking another team member, that's the last thing you should do as a person of integrity, as a person of good reputation. So the last thing you want to do, if that person says, “Wow, I took a look at your presentation and it looks like your company's better,” then, “Yeah, awesome, I appreciate that.” If you think that, I appreciate that. But you shouldn't be the one saying that. And you just need to understand some basic human communication.

You see, in order for somebody to participate in the conversation, they have to disagree with you. What do I mean by that? Well, imagine you're standing with a group of your friends and you say, “Well, the best car in the world is Audi.” And everybody just goes, “Oh yeah, yeah, Audi is the best car in the world.” “And the best TV show is Game of Thrones,” and everybody goes, “Oh yeah, that's the best.” Does that sound like normally the conversations you have with your friends and family? No, because you go, “Oh the best car is Audi,” and somebody else goes, “No, it's actually BMW,” and another one goes, “No actually it’s Mercedes because of that.”

In order to participate in a conversation people disagree. So for example, one of the great things to do or not to do, depending on what you're going to do is, for example if you know somebody works, and they haven't got a great job, right, let's say that person is a cleaner, and you come to them, and you go, “Oh, you're a cleaner. Oh, that's a horrible job, you shouldn't do that, oh, and it must be really rubbish.” Guess what that person will do, in order to participate in the conversation; they’re going to disagree with you.

They're going to start defending, even if before this conversation, they hated the cleaning job, even if they were not paid it enough, even if their boss sucks, because you now said, “Oh, it must be crap job,” they're going to start defending the job. They're going to start, “No, it's okay. It pays my bills,” you know what I mean? So if you attack the network marketing company, same thing will happen. If you go, “Oh, that company, super expensive products, really hard to build your team,” guess what's going to happen, they're going to start defending it and that's not what you want to happen. Because if they start defending it, you’ve lost already.

But if you come across somebody, and let's say, again, they are a cleaner, and not that the cleaner is about bad job is just the idea. So even if you know somebody is not in a great job, and you go to them, “Well, what do you do for a living?” And they go, “I'm a cleaner,” and you go, “Wow, so you must really love that job, because you've been doing it for eight years.”

And guess what? In order to participate in the conversation, that person will go, “No actually, it’s not a good job. Actually, it doesn't pay that well, actually, it's quite sucks,” and that's what happens, right? So don't attack the business, don't attack their job, instead just be open minded. Like, whenever somebody tells me that, “
Hey I'm with this company, this and that company,” and even if I know, or maybe not know, but maybe if I think that that's my company's better or my product is better, whatever, I would still say to that person, “Hey, you know, I heard it's a great company.” I will never attack it. And they will go, “Oh actually, I would like to know about yours.” And because I didn't attack the company, because I didn't make them feel small, because I didn't make them feel stupid, they will look at my business. They will talk to me, they will become my friend. And that's my goal. That's what I want to do.

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