How much is your TV costing you?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Saturday, January 4, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about TV. How much does your TV costing you?

And I remember first time I heard about this was from a guy called Jim Ron. He was a legend in personal development. And I remember listening to his seminar and he said, “I asked the guy, how much is your TV costing you?” And the guy said, “Like, $200?” And I said, “No, no, no, not to buy the TV, buying it is cheap, but how much does watching your TV is costing you Because that's expensive?”

Okay, so you know what TV is called. It's EIR And it stands for electronic income reducer. So your TV is an electronic income reducer, it is very successfully doing its job by reducing your income. So what happens is the buying TV is cheap, but actually watching it is what is expensive, because the time you allocate to watching TV, is the time you could have been allocating to build your business, to build your financial freedom, to build relationships, to build yourself, personal development, and so on.

One of the things that I always notice when I go into somebody's house, I look at the size of their TV and I look at the size of their library, what's bigger? Is the TV bigger, or is the bookshelf bigger? Because you can very quickly tell a lot about a person from that, because most people who are poor, guess what, they have huge TVs, they have TVs that is all across the wall. They’re like 50 inch or 60 inch TVs, but you couldn't find a book in their house and successful people on the other hand, very often, like some of you guys, you wouldn't find a TV in their house, but you would find a lot of books in their house.

So it's all about how you allocating your time and what you're spending doing and TV might be just a metaphor, there might be other things that you're doing which is eating up your time that you could be using to build your business, that you could be using to become financially free, that you could be using to do all of the things that are important for you in your life. And if you’re already where you want to be financially, if you already -- you love your job, you’re making really good money, and you’re happy about it, your relationships are awesome, everything is just great, your health is incredible, then rock it out, watch the tally, chill out, do whatever, goof off, play around, do whatever you want, because you already have a perfect life.

But if you don't have a perfect life, if you're not making enough money that you would like to be making, if you're not where you want to be in terms of your fitness and your health, if you're not where you want to be in terms of your relationships, in terms of your business, in terms of your career, then start making different decisions.

Because if you carry on spending time in front of electronic income reducer, your life is definitely not going to change, your income is definitely not going to increase, it can only decrease, your relationships are definitely not going to improve, your health is definitely not going to improve, you know what I mean? So you have to make that tough decision where you go, “You know what, like right now, I'm not happy where I am.

So I will put the blinders on, I will avoid the thing that is pleasurable, that I'd love to do, but it's not helping me.” And once you become successful, once you are where you want to be, then rock it out, do watch the TV as much as you like and do other things as much as you like.

But you know, if you’re complaining all the time, if you’re moaning every single day how bad your life is, and how your car sucks, and how your house sucks and how your boss sucks, how everything sucks, and then you go home and watch five hours of TV, then hey, it's just, you're not serious. You’re literally sabotaging your own success, you’re literally shooting yourself in the foot, and you’re literally sawing the branch in which you're sitting.

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