How HARD is Network Marketing business?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, October 19, 2018 Under: Personal Development
I sometimes hear people say that network marketing is a hard business. I always ask "Compared to what?" because if we compare it with a traditional business, here is what you have to take care of:

1. Product development: if you have a traditional business you have to think of an idea for a product, then you have to manufacture that product.

2. Warehousing: in a traditional business you have to rent huge spaces in a warehouse in order to keep your stock.

3. Shipping: in a traditional business you have to either do it yourself, package the products and send them to people, or you have to hire other people to do it for you

4. Payroll: as soon as you start employing people in a traditional business you have to hire an accountant to do all the payroll, to calculate how much tax each of your employees have to pay, setup a workplace pension and so on.

5. Human resources: you also have to have a HR department to take care off all the things associated with your employees.

6. Customer service: if somebody has a question about your products or a complaint you have to answer the phone or hire somebody to do that.

7. Office costs: you need to pay rent for an office space so that you call centre, HR, accountant and everybody else would have a place to work from

8. Incentive programmes: if you want your staff to be happy you have to buy them pizza, do other prizes and so on, all of that comes out from your pocket.

9. Equipment purchase: if you going to manufacture something you will have to purchase all the expensive equipment or if you will have your own restaurant you will need to purchase tables, chairs, cooking equipment and so on.

All of this is associated with having a traditional business. Now that is HARD!

On the other hand, when you start in Network Marketing business all of these things are taken care of by your company. None of these things cost you money. The company will look for upcoming trends and develop great quality products, the company will pay for warehouses around the world and keep the products in them free of charge for you, the company will take care of all the shipping so even if you have thousands of people in your team the company will ship all the products to them - you don't have to worry about that, you don't need to have payrol as everyone in your team work for themselves as self-employed sole traders, you also don't need human resources department as the company takes care of that too, you don't need customer service department as the company employs people  to do that as well at no cost to you, you don't need to rent an office as you can work from home saving money on that, you don't need to pay for the incentives for your team as the company makes lots of incentives like free holidays, free car, cash bonuses and so on at no cost to you, and finally you don't need to purchase any equipment.

So what do you need to do in network marketing?!

Well, all you need to do is ask people if they would take a look at your business opportunity video or product. Thats it! So does it still seem to you that Network Marketing is a HARD business? Didn't think so :D

Here is a video where I go into more detail:

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