Have you been given the GIFT

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the gift. Have you been given the gift? So what gift am I talking about? Have you been given a gift?

Well, very often when I speak to people who are successful, who have achieved a lot, who have reached a high results, very often I found that they have been given the gift. So what is this gift? Well, this gift is-- some of you might have gone to school, and you had some teachers tell you that you will never amount to anything. That's a gift. Maybe some of you have been told by your family members, that you will not succeed, you will never reach your goals. That's when you are given the gift.

Maybe you've been discriminated before because of your race, because of your gender, because of your age and maybe somebody haven't given you the job, or maybe you've been fired from a job or have been made redundant, because of some of these reasons. And again, at that point, you have been given a gift. So what gift am I talking about? The gift that I'm talking about is the gift of having something to prove, or having someone to prove. You see, they say we succeed in life, either out of inspiration, or out of desperation.

And very often people who have become successful and they have become so successful because they had something to prove to someone, somebody told them something, or somebody did something to them and they had to go and prove themselves and that's why they go and strive so much. I remember hearing the story about this lady who became a millionaire, multi millionaire in the home based business arena and the reason why she got started in the business was the fact that one is she was without a job. Her husband was a main breadwinner and a half family and one day, she asked her husband for $20 and the husband said, “What for?” And in her mind, she made a decision there and then never to ask again. And now she's the multimillionaire you know what I mean?

So sometimes having something to prove sometimes becoming angry, becoming pissed off with somebody can be that fuel that fuels somebody's drive to become successful. I love the Frank Sinatra's quote; the best revenge is massive success
and sometimes that's what it takes. Sometimes you want to show the person that you know what I can, you know what I will, it's done, it's finished. Let me go and prove it, you know, and that's the gift so I wish for you to get your gift. Sometimes it's not nice when you receive that gift sometimes is a bit painful, but it will lead you to go and strive to become better and to go and strive to become successful. So my wish for you is that you do get your gift and then you go out there and prove someone or somebody you know that you can and you will.

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