Hard work and Skill beats Talent and Luck

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk to you about hard work versus talent and skill versus getting lucky. I want to talk about misconceptions that people have.

The first misconception people have is that you have to be talented in order for you to become successful in business, they say, “Oh, that rich person, that wealthy person, they must be very talented, they must have been born that way. They must have just haven't built in them.” But what I've learned from experience, what I've learned from studying successful people from going to trainings and so on, I've learned that nine successful people out of 10 they were not born that way.

They were not naturally entrepreneurial, they were not naturally gifted, they work their ass off to become successful. Some of the most successful people nowadays, some of the most famous people that you can think of, like, Gary Vaynerchuk, like Grant Cardone, like Tony Robbins, and so on, if you look at their biographies, if you look at what they did to be where they are today they worked their butts off to get to where they are.

So don't look for an easy way. Don't look for a way to do this without having to work hard. It doesn't work like that. It’s harder to get lucky than it is just to work hard. So don't worry about the talent. What if I'm not a great public speaker? It's okay. What if I'm not a naturally extroverted person? That's okay. Like anything that you're lacking right now makes no difference at all if you’re willing to learn, if you're willing to go through the motions and learn that. So number one, hard work beats talent any day, hard work beats talent any day.

Second one is luck. People go, “Oh, if only I get lucky. If only I get a break.” And you know what? Sometimes it does look like you Luck. But I believe that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. That's when the luck happens. So when you work on it consistently, then you will get lucky eventually. But again, instead of relying on luck, rely on skill, work on the skill. How do I become a better salesperson? How do I become a better leader? How do I become a better speaker? How do I become a better trainer? How do I become a better whatever? Instead of like, “Oh, I hope I get lucky. I hope I get lucky and recruit that superstar. I hope I get lucky and I get noticed by some head-hunter.” Instead of hoping to get lucky and hope is not the best strategy, why don't you go, “I will become so good, they can't ignore me. I will become so good, they will come to me. I will become so good that my competitors will come to learn from me. I will become so good that my enemies will ask if I'm hiring.”

It's much easier to rely on that. It's much more guaranteed way towards success than going, “Well, I hope I get lucky one day. I hope it works out.” Like that's not a great strategy. I mean, hope is great. It's great to hope for the best, but if you prepare for it, if you work on your craft, then the odds are in your favor. It’s like, imagine you were a brain surgeon, like you would go, “I hope it works out.” Or you can practice your craft, you can learn how to read better. So this is also a profession. Being an entrepreneur, it's also a profession, is not a hobby, it's not a thing you do when you're free. It's a profession. So if you invest in that profession, if you work on your craft, if you work on your skill, if you think where are my weak points, where am I not great at and you work on that skill, you get better and better and better.

Guess what's going to happen? You'll get lucky. Because if you get great at recruiting people, if you get great at headhunting, then guess what, you'll get lucky and you'll recruit some superstars because your numbers will increase. It’s a game of numbers. So if you need to recruit 100 people to get one superstar, and you really become good at recruiting, then you'll find that superstar faster, because you're just better at recruiting. If you get one out of 10 sales, one out of 10 people you ask to buy, buy something from you, then if you get better at asking. If you get better at selling, then you'll get quicker to that sale, as simple as that. So you will get lucky if you work on your skills.

If you become better at what you do, you will get lucky. There's no other way around it. So but you have to change that mindset from, “Oh, I hope it works out. Oh, I hope I get lucky.” You need to change the mindset and ask yourself, “How do I become best at this? Like, I don't care that there's 2 million people in my company. How do I become best trainer? How do I become the best speaker? How do I become the best recruiter? How do I become the best seller?”

What if you thought like that? Is that going to be easy? Of course not. It's going to be freaking hard. But what if you had the mentality that whatever I do, I try to become the best at it. Whatever I do, I try to become a champion of that. If you had that mindset, you won't be the champion in everything. You won't be the best at everything. But boy, you're going to do some damage. Boy, you're going to get noticed by leaders, by the company, by your prospects, by your friends because people are watching you.

We had another training today and somebody said, “Look, I see so many people viewed my video, but only these few people liked it, how come?” And I go, “Yeah, they are the secret agents.” For every person that likes your video or likes your posts or comments on your post, there's another hundred people who are watching you from the distance. They're not liking your posts, they're not commenting, God forbid they're not going to let you know they support you. They're not going to let you know that they are observing your journey, but they are watching. “Ah, when is she going to fail? When is she going to give up?”

And you know what? You can't defeat somebody who doesn't give up. You can't defeat somebody who doesn't give up who keeps getting up and keeps going and keeps going and keep going. And you know what, if you keep going, if you keep consistent, if you keep showing up, you keep doing it, you keep doing it, eventually, you'll get these people six months from now, a year from now, they'll be reaching out to you and they'll say, “You know what, I want to do this.”

And you'll go like, “Where did you come from? You've never liked a single video of mine. You've never commented, how come?” And they'll go, “Yeah, I've been watching you for the last six months. Yeah, I've been watching you for the last year.” But you see, if you do free videos, and you don't recruit anybody, and you go, “Ah, it doesn't work, I'm not going to do it anymore.” If you do free posts, and nobody buys anything from you, you go, “Ah, that doesn't work. I'm not going to do that anymore.”

Then you’re just confirming what they suspected because they were watching you and saying, “Yeah, I'll watch how long she's going to do that. Yeah, I'll watch after how many days is he going to give up.” And when you keep going, you keep going, you keep doing it, you keep showing up, then they go, “Well, maybe she's serious about it. Maybe I should join her team. Maybe he's onto something here. Maybe I should take a look.”

Like this video is like 580 something 582 I think, or something like that. You know what I said 580 days ago that I'm going to do a Facebook live every day. How many people said, “Yeah, right. Yeah, right.” I'm still doing it. And guess what, we're going to have this conversation like 1000 days from now. And you're going to go, “Is he still doing those videos? I haven't watched one for the last 300 days and he's still doing it.” But like, I don't care. I'll do these videos so long until I get what I want to get, until I impact as many lives as I want to impact, until I help as many people as I want to help, until I'll become so good that you couldn't ignore me. I'll become so good, that you'll go like, “I can't not watch his video.”

That's what it is all about guys. It's the long game. It's the long term game. It's not about today. It's not about tomorrow. It's not about the day after, you’ll get smacked in the face, you'll fall on your ass, you will fail, you will struggle, you will stumble, things will happen to you that you can't even imagine. Life will throw things at you that you can't even think about right now. And you'll go, “Oh my god, how many of these things can happen?” But it will happen.

It's what they call the Murphy's committee. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. The bigger the business, the bigger the problems. The bigger the money, the bigger challenges. So the problems, the challenges, the obstacles, never going to stop. They're always going to be there. But you will grow, but you will make more money, but you will build an empire along the way. And that's my wish for you my friend.

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