Great question to ask at the END of a 3 way call

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I want to show you or tell you or give you an idea of a great, great, great question to ask at the end of a three way call that you do with your team member and a potential prospect that will be joining the team. So today's topic is a great question to ask at the end of a three way call.

First of all, for those of you don't know what's a three way call, a three way call is where you’re helping your team member to bring somebody on board into the business. So let's say you have a new team member who's been speaking to somebody, maybe send them a presentation video, so that person is already warmed up and possibly they will be joining the business and they just need that last finish touch, just to get them over the line to make the decision.

Your team member might put their prospect on a three way call, so now it's you, your team member and their prospect on a call. So this could be a zoom call, a video call with the three of you, or this could be on WhatsApp or it could be on Facebook Messenger. You can do three way calls, where there's three of you on the video on different platforms. The point is that, when it's three people, it's always stronger than when it's just one on one, because now you've got your team member has the support of you, has the credibility of you, and so on. So you jump on this call and of course, you might speak about different things, you might share about your business, answer the prospects questions and stuff like that. And then by the end of the call, most leaders, including me, I used to make that mistake too, most leaders will just say, “Well, it was lovely to have you on this call, thank you very much for your time and bye for now, and good luck.”

And then we'll just drop the call like that. And that's not very powerful. It's not very empowering to your team member too and there's a bunch of things that you can do on a three way call. And I'm not going to go into all of that because we could do an hour training on just the three way calls and how you can edify your team member and so on and so on, but one thing you should ask at the end of the call and you should ask that off the prospect.

So let's imagine we've got Connor here on the call. So let's imagine that Connor is the prospect, right? And Rita brought him onto the call, right? So I'm the sponsor, I'm the leader, Rita is my team member and Connor is prospect. So by the end of the call, I'll ask this question to finish off the call. And I go, “Oh, and by the way, did you already filled up your application or that's what you're doing after the call with Rita? So have you already registered into the team? Or are you doing it after this call with the team member?”

Both ways it works for me if a person goes, “Oh, yeah, I've already joined, I've already registered.” Awesome. If the person goes, if they haven't registered yet, what am I telling to them? You need to register now. So I'm taking away this uncomfortable part for my team member because if I know anything about my team member, if they’re like me when I first joined, I was terrified of asking somebody to, like, “Hey, so you're joining or what?”

Like we had a team member, we did a presentation in the house, she loved the presentation, everything. Then we took her to a local business opportunity meeting and she loved it too. She was excited. Then we took it to another meeting in London, another business opportunity presentation. She went there, saw the whole presentation, again, she loved it. And on the way back, we driving from London back to Luton, she's sitting in the backseat and she goes, “Guys, so are you going to ask me to join this business or not?”

So we were so terrified of her saying no to us, we would have just drove her to presentations for the rest of our life just waiting for her to go, “Yeah, I'm joining, I’m in.” So your team member very often will feel anxious about asking that question too. So you as a leader make their life much easier if at the end of the three way call you go, “Hey, John. So have you already filled up the application? Or are you doing it with Helen, after the call is finished?” And they'll go, “Oh, yeah, we're doing it after the call is finished.”

Now you made it really easy for your team member Helen, because after the call, she'll just go, “Hey, John. So let's fill in that application.” Because they already said they're doing it. So it's a very, very powerful question to us at the end of your three way calls and you'll get a lot of prospects to join who might have been still on the line, who might have been still on the fence, they will just roll with it because you made it look like, hey, it's a normal thing to do.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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