Good question to ask if you struggle to CLOSE

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to give you a good question to ask, if you struggle with closing because some people, they don't feel that comfortable at the end of the presentation or the end of a meeting when they have to get a decision from the prospect, they don't really feel nice having to get the person to give them the decision.

But most of the time it’s just about knowing what to ask and what to say. And a great question to ask, especially at the end of the presentation, a person asked a question, they asked about this and asked about that and you've answered everything and you sort of to want to say to them, well, let's go ahead.

The good question to ask after you’ve answered all the questions, after you've given them all the information is, have you gotten enough information to join the business today? And the person can only give you two answers, yes, or no. If they say, yes, awesome, let's get you registered. If they say no, you can then say, cool. What other information do you need before you can make a decision to get started?

What other information would you like, before you make a decision to join the business? And they will tell you, they'll tell you what they want for you to close them. That's pretty good. They might say, I need to know about this, or I want to ask about that. And once you've answered all of those questions, you say, “Do you need any more? Have you gotten enough information to make a decision now to join?”

And this way, it's easy to close; it's easy to get the decision from your person. If they say, you know, no, no, like couple of times in a row, and then maybe they’re not ready for the business. Or it’s just may be not the right fit for them and that's totally cool as well. If you answered the questions, ask them, “Hey, did you get enough information to get started?” They go, “No.” “Well, what else would you need?” They tell you what and you supply that information and you go, “Hey, did you get enough information out to get started?” “No.” You say, “Well, what else would you like to learn?”

They tell you, you give them the information and they still say no, there might be one of them researchers, who research until the cows come home and never actually make a decision. But it's a good question especially if you're not comfortable with closing; just say, “Hey, did you get enough information today, in order to make a decision to join the business today?” And a lot of people to be honest with you will just say, “Yeah, I did.” “Awesome. Let's get you registered.” And then you just proceed to register that person.

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