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Ok let's talk about good ideas. I remember one of the first personal development programmes that I listened to was Jim Rohn's "Weekend Seminar" and he said "Rarely does a good idea interrupt you, usually, it's like mining for gold to get good ideas"

The whole premise being that when you get a GOOD IDEA firstly your should make a note of it, too many people just let these great ideas disappear as soon as they have appeared. Secondly, you need to act on these good ideas.

So many people pray to God, or ask the Universe or meditate in order to get good ideas, to get breakthroughs in their lives and when the God, Universe or whatever your belief sends them that idea they just dismiss the idea because it came to them, and surely they could not have gotten a good idea. So they don't make a note of that idea and don't act on it, only to see someone else few months or years later making huge money from the same idea!

One practice I have is to always make note of good ideas, I have a notebook next to my bed, I take notes on my phone while I'm on the move and so on, just so that I would not miss any great ideas.

Secondly, you need to act on the good idea as it comes with an EXPIRATION DATE, well not exactly, but there is a law of diminishing intent which basically says that the longer you wait before you do something about it the lower the chance of yiu actually doing something about it.

So once you got that good idea, or read it in the book etc. make a habit of using it. 

The best practice is LEARN - APPLY -TEACH. Learn something in a book, or seminar, or audio program, then apply it by putting it in action and then once you start getting results, teach other people how to do it! That is a sure fire recipe for success.

Here is a video where I go into more detail:

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