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This blog post is called give up to move up. Oh my goodness, is it asking us to give up?

No, no, something else; you have to sacrifice something. You have to give up something to move on to the next level of your life to get the next level of results. So you know if you want to get better results in business, you might need to give up TV, you might need to give up going to football games for a while, you might need to give up watching soap operas, you might need to give up going to the pub with the mates, you might to give up something in order to go to the next level because it's same 24 hours in a day, it's same time so you can't make more time you can't change the world that is around you, right?

The only way you can have more time to build your business, the only time you can have more time to follow your passion. The only way you can have more time to do whatever is your major purpose in life is by making some time but getting rid of something, right by giving up something in order to move up to the next level in something that you do.

I like to call it IPA income producing activity. You know, how much of your day is spent on income producing activity? Activity that can actually make you money, activity that actually can give you results you want to get, you know, I'm not talking about watching dancing cats on Facebook. I'm not talking about any of that, right? Because that's not income producing activity, right? So give up some of the stuff you know, sacrifice some of the stuff, don't think that I can watch all the TV I want. I can go to the pub every single evening. I can chill out with mates every day, and I can still make massive progress in my life, it just doesn't happen like that. Does that make sense?

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