G. R. O. W method for problem solving

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I want to share with you a cool process for problem solving, this process is called G.R.O.W and it's a process that you can use for yourself to solve problems but also useful when helping your team members to solve their problems.

So four letters G.R.O.W the first letter G stands for goals. Let’s say a person has a challenge but what is the goal maybe the problem is account recruit. So what's the goal? To have more team members or maybe somebody challenges or can't sell. So what's the goal, the goal is to have more customers, right and make more money and things like that. We first of all identify what's the goal of this person.

The second letter R stands for reality, what's the reality? What's the challenge that this person is having right now? What is the difficulty? What are the obstacles? What is the problem? Right? So reality is basically identifying what's going on. So if a person's problem is, account sells then we might look at the reality. So what's the challenge? Are you talking to people or are you scared of talking to people etcetera, so you can identify what is exactly happening right now that's causing that progress.

The third letter is options; you identify the options, what could be done to solve this problem? What could you do to get to that goal that you desire and you list all the things that could be that right? So maybe you could read a book on sales, attend a seminar, try this, that and the other. So you can write down a list of all the options, all the things that you could do in order to solve that problem and to reach the goal that you want to reach.

And then the last letter W stands for way forward and that basically means action. So out of the options that you identified which one are you willing to take the action on? Which one are you actually willing to do because sometimes we have plenty of solutions but we simply not willing to take the action, we simply not willing to do what needs to be done. You know what I mean and the reason why I really like this process is especially for your team members.

So when your team member comes to you with a challenge as a leader, almost instinctively you always want to just give them the solution is all just do that, or just do this or do it like that. But the problem is that if you do that, it causes dependency, it doesn't allow for your team member to become independent because you give them everything all the solutions, you don't allow them to become problem solvers; you don't allow them to solve their own problems. But if you use this process and somebody comes to you with a challenge in your team, you can say great, grab a seat let's talk and I'll help you to solve this problem.

So first of all, goals so you have the challenge. What's your goal to do this? Great. So what's the reality? What's causing this problem? They tell you what's causing that problem? Okay, so what are the options? What could you do to change that, to get to that result? We could do this, that and the other? Cool? Okay, so finally, the way forward? What are you willing to do out of these options? Well, I could do this. Will you do it? Yes, I will do it. Great that’s it your problem solved but who solved that problem? The person themselves
 you understand what am saying it's much more powerful because you are empowering your team member to solve their own problems, instead of just relying on you all the time to give everything on the plate this way, you are actually raising leaders and you're helping people to become independent.

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