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I want to share with you what I call my forcing system.

So most people left to their own devices, they'll do nothing because that's the easiest thing to do. The easiest thing to do is actually do nothing in your business and of course, I don't want you to do nothing. So I wanted to share with you a forcing system that will help you to do more.

So the title of this blog is forcing system and basically, this is all designed to help you to achieve more in your business or in your personal life. So, when you set your goals and you decide, okay, this is what I'm going to try and achieve, etcetera, it's so easy not to do it. Why?

Because the easiest person to let down, the easiest person to disappoint is yourself because you've been doing it all of your life. You said you're going to do this thing tomorrow, and then you didn't do it. But hey, nobody knew that you're going to do it, so no big deal. It's only you known about. So yourself is the easiest person to let down and that's why many people, they don't achieve many things in life. And hey, I'm not better than you, I'm exactly like that. So I used to do the same thing all the time as well. I would say, “Hey, I'm going to do this. I'm going to achieve that.” And then I wouldn't do it.

I realized that, okay, this is a challenge, so how can I get this done? And I figured out, this what I call a forcing system. And it's super simple guys, you know what forcing system is, is telling somebody else you're going to do it, because you might be letting yourself down, but you will be very reluctant to let somebody else down. So if there's somebody who you respect, if there's somebody who you look up to, maybe, like a mentor or an authority, if you say to that person, “Hey, I decided to do something, and I'll do this thing.” Then it's difficult to go and quit on yourself to go and not do it because you already promised somebody else you're going to do it. I just did a zoom training call with my team.

Now, I've actually travelled, I'm actually in Lithuania and it's actually two hours late in here than it is in UK and it's like 10:30 and I was like thinking, hey, I've got plenty of excuses not to do my training tonight. I could have just messaged my team to say, “Hey, I'm cancelling the zoom because I've travelled, I’m busy.” Literally, I'm now outside and just did my zoom outside. My ears are about to fall off because it's like, zero degrees temperature here. It's freezing cold in Lithuania, I'm literally outside because I was just in a meeting with somebody else and there's loud noises in there.

I just literally went outside and I'm doing these lives, and I'm doing the zoom. Why? Because I said I will to somebody else, because I promised to my team that I will go live. Now I can't take it back. So that's the forcing system. When you tell somebody else you're going to do it, then you do it. Today's live, I think it's 433. So the number of this live, I think is 433. Guess why I'm doing these lives every day, because 433 days ago, I spoke to my mentor and I said to her, “I decided to be serious with my Facebook Lives. I'm going to do a Facebook live every single day, I promise you.”

I might have let myself down, but because I promised my mentor, I had to pull through, I had to keep doing it. And that's why 433 days later, I'm still doing this. You get what I mean? That's the forcing system. So if you want to achieve something in your life, call the person who is important to you, call the person that you respect, call your mentor and say, “Hey, I decided to achieve this. Enough is enough. I'm done playing. I'm going to be serious. And this is what I'm going to do. And I'm letting you know because I want you to tell me off if I don't do it. I want you to kick my ass if I don't do that.”

That's the forcing system because yourself is the easiest person to let down but somebody who you respect, somebody who you admire, somebody who is your mentor, it'll be much harder to disappoint. It'll be much harder to let down. And you will then follow through your plan, you'll follow through what you intended to do originally. I have leaders who achieve big things and then I have people in the team who don't achieve big things. And guess the difference I've noticed, what I've noticed that the people who do achieve big things, who do build a huge business, guess what they do?

They send me their goals, they’re accountable. So when they send me their goals, when they promise me that this is what I'm going to do, that's when they do it because now their honour is on the line, their status, the respect is on the line, because if you just tell it to yourself, it's so easy just to go, “Hey, I'll do it next month. I'll do it next year. I'll do it next week.” It's so easy to stop it, it’s so easy to back out of it, it's so easy to quit because you only told yourself, but if you tell somebody who you respect, if you tell your mentor, if you tell your accountability partner, now you have to do it, because that's the forcing system. So that's my tip for you.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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