Everyone is LAZY when they FAIL

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I wanted to talk about laziness. Why are you being lazy? I'm going to tell you why you're being lazy. Believe it or not, I might have an answer to that. The title of this blog is that everyone is lazy when they're failing.

You see, most people are not lazy in essence, like they're not lazy by nature. Like they don't want to be lazy. But what happens is, when you don't know what to do, when you’re struggling to get results, when you're not making money, when you're not getting the customers, when you're not getting the recruits, when you're not progressing in your business, that's when you don't feel like doing it.

And then you start looking for reasons why not to do it. “Oh, I'll go and make a cup of tea. Oh, I'll go and read a book a little bit, or maybe tomorrow I'll start.” You start looking for reasons why not to do the work, because the work sucks, because you hate failing, like, nobody enjoys failing. Nobody enjoys doing something and not getting results.

It’s the same like a job. If you have a job that you dislike, if you have a job that you're not getting rewarded in, that you're not getting good results, that you're not making money, that you're not being appreciated, will you want to go to that job? Of course not. You're going to freaking hate it.

Same thing happens with your business. You see, if you're not getting the results, if you’re failing, if you’re basically, every day, whatever you like you're doing, you think you're doing things and you're not succeeding, then you're going to feel lazy, you're going to go, “Oh, I can't be bothered to do today. I don't feel like talking to people. I don't feel like messaging people.” You know why you don't feel like messaging people, because you're not getting results when you messaging them and saying the wrong things, you’re getting the bad result. You know why you don't feel like calling people because you probably don't get result.

If you're not getting result doing what you're doing, then you're going to hate it and then you're going to be lazy about it. But when you start getting results, when you crack the code and when you understand how to do it effectively, how to use social media effectively, how to talk to people effectively, how to build your business effectively, how to get customers effectively, when you understand that the laziness disappears, because now you're excited about doing it.

Now you're excited about building your business. Now you're excited about sharing it with other people, because you're making money, because you're getting a result. You're no longer lazy. I don't know, any million dollar earners in network marketing who are lazy to build their business. No, these guys jump out of bed in the morning. Why? Because they are crushing it, because they're getting huge results. But somebody who is not getting results, they will find all the reasons why not to do it.

What’s the advice then? How to get over it, how to get out of the situation? Well, it's very simple. Learn how to do it better. If you feel that, oh, I'm always lazy about messaging people on social media. What's that? It's a sign that you're probably not good at it. It's a sign that you’re probably not great at it. So go learn, go and study a bit about social media, how can I effectively communicate with people on social media? What messages to send, what to say, what not to say, and then you'll find that you get more enthusiasm about doing it. Like, I used to hate Instagram. Like at the beginning, I didn't get it. Like I didn't understand how it works and I was lazy to do Instagram, because I just didn't wrap my brain around.

But once I started learning about it, once I started studying about it, getting some tips and advice about how to build an Instagram, once I started getting the hang of it, now all of a sudden, I became excited about Instagram. I become excited about building it. Why? Because I started getting the results. That's my tip for you, any area of your life that you are lazy, you're probably not good at it. So if you want to get rid of the laziness, just start getting better at it, start studying, start learning how to get better in this area, and then all of a sudden the laziness will disappear.

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