ENTREPRENEURS develop a LONG TERM mindset!

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I want to talk about the fact that entrepreneurs develop a long term mindset. This topic is that entrepreneurs develop a long term mindset.

When it comes to business, very often people who come from an employee environment, and that's majority of the people who come into the home based business arena, or network marketing, they struggle at the beginning to wrap their brain around how money is earned. Because most people are used to a job; an employee gets a new job, works for a week or two weeks, and gets paid. Sometimes straight after the first week, the return is very quick. They come and they get paid right away. They have the short term mentality and they tie time to money. The more time I put in, the more I get paid and I get paid right away.

Now when you start building your business, very often, you don't get paid that much at the beginning. Very often, you pay get paid a lot less than people who are working in a job. If you worked in McDonald's, and you started your own business, the person in McDonald's the first year probably would make more money than you who started your own business, and you might say, “Well, so it's better to work in McDonald's than to have your own business.”

Well, in the first year, maybe. But if we take 10 years, after 10 years in McDonald's, maybe they'll promote you or maybe you'll still be earning the same amount of money every single month. But the person as an entrepreneur, they will make a lot more. What entrepreneurs do they develop this long term mindset that at the beginning, you are overworked and underpaid; at the beginning in your own business, you do all of this effort, you put in all of this time, and you’re getting very little return on investment and that's where an employee mentality would say quit. This is not worth it. You're not getting enough money right away.

But an entrepreneur understands that at the beginning, you are overworked and underpaid. But later, you are underworked and overpaid. Once you have built your business, once you have built your team, once you have harnessed the power of passive income, then you are getting paid, but you have to do a lot less work than you did at the beginning. It doesn't mean that you get to do no work. It doesn't mean that you just chill out by the swimming pool and massive amount of money comes in. No, it doesn't mean that; you're still a leader. You're still mentoring people; you're still supporting your group.

But you’re definitely not doing as much work as you did at the beginning and the money still comes in, which means you're underworked and overpaid, which is quite awesome. But you would never get that in a job. You can be in a job for a year, for two years, for five years, for 10 years, but you can never come to your work and go to your boss and say, “Hey, how do I get paid more than I get paid now and don't come to work?” They say, “There's no job like that. You can't, you want to get paid? Well, no problem. We'll give you a promotion. But you will have to work even more. You'll have to spend even more hours.” And in a business you get to gradually retire yourself while still being paid the full pay, which is pretty awesome.

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