Emotional Intelligence - Why it's important in business and how to improve it

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 Under: Home Based Business
Today I would like to talk about Emtional Intelligence. There is more and more research showing how important it is especially when it comes to business.

It primarily covers four main areas of:
1. Self Awareness - knowing what we are feeling and why.
2. Self Management - handling negative emotions so they don't criple us and managing positive emotions
3. Empathy - knowing what someone else is feeling
4. Skilled Relationship - managing our and others emotions in the relationship

In the video below I will g through 18 signs of emotional intellingence:

  1. You have robust emotional volcabulary
  2. You are curious about people
  3. You embrace change
  4. You know your strengths and weaknesses
  5. You are a good judge of character
  6. You are difficult to offend
  7. You know how to say no (to yourself and others)
  8. You let go of mistakes
  9. You give and expect nothing in return
  10. You don't hold grudges
  11. You neutralize toxic people
  12. You don't seek perfection
  13. You appreciate what you have
  14. You disconnect
  15. You limit your caffeine intake
  16. You get enough sleep
  17. You stop negative self-talk in its tracks
  18. You won't let anyone limit your joy

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