Don’t take your DUCKS to EAGLE school!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today, my topic is why you should not take your Ducks to Eagle school. So let me let me elaborate. Let me explain. When it comes to building your business in network marketing, you have to understand that there is three groups of people in network marketing. 

80% of people in network marketing have a desire level of £0-£500 per month. Now you might say, “Well, who would want to earn £0 a month.” But there are people who join network marketing just to use the products, just to be part of this amazing positive social group of people who are motivated, who have goals, who progressing in life, etc. And that's totally fine. We want them because they do the shopping every single month in our business and it helps us to grow our business, but they don't have ambition to grow the business and become a leader and stand on a stage and get a brand new Mercedes, travel the world and all of that. They don't want that, maybe they have a good job that pays them well. They’re not hungry for better life, they’re just here to be part of this amazing club and it's totally fine. 

The second group of people is 15% and 15% of people in network marketing have a desire level of £2000-£3000 per month, which is basically to replace their full time income and those people will work harder, they will be more committed.

And then there's the third group, the 5% and the 5% people, they want to earn £25,000 or more per month. So they are very ambitious, they're very hungry, they want to go all the way to the top, they want to stand on that stage in front of thousands of people, they want to travel the world, get a brand new luxury car, and all of that which is also awesome. And they will work the hardest, they will be the most committed, they will be most ambitious. So you have to understand that as a leader when you bring people into the business, one of the first things you should do is find out where they are, do they fit in the 80% in the 15%, or in the 5%? So that you know how to work with that person, how to support them, how to help them, how to help them to reach their goals because if you don't ask that, if you don't find that out, and the person is the in the 80%, who hasn't got ambition, who doesn't want to grow and you start pushing them to do what the 5% do, guess what's going to happen, they're going to leave the business, they're going to quit because they'll say, “Well, I only joined this company to use the products and this guy keeps telling me to sell more, to recruit more and I don't even want to sell or recruit. All I want to do is just use the products.”

So it's important to understand what do people desire, what do they want, how you can help them. So that's the idea. So that's why I'm saying, don't send your ducks to Eagle school because some people will join and they just want to be part of the club and just buy the products for themselves, totally cool. Let them be there. Others will join because they want to sell some of these products to friends and family, make few hundred pounds extra cash, totally fine. Teach them how to do that, others will join because they want to recruit and build a team, etc, awesome, help them do that too. So you work with everybody at their level of desire, but unless you ask, unless you find out what is their level of desire, how are you going to help them? That's where you're going to start pushing people to do things that they did not want to do because you’ll just assume. 

So that's what you have to have in your mind and that's what you need to find out. As soon as somebody joins your team, find out their level of desire, find out what are their dreams, what are their ambitions, what are their drives, one of the favourite questions that I like to ask a new person who joins my team, I say, “If you had a magic wand and you could wave it and have anything you want, where would you like to be in five years from now? What would you like to do? How much would you like to earn? What would you like to drive? Where would you like to live? If you had a magic wand and you could have anything you want.” And then I listen, I listen to what do they tell me? What is their dreams? What is their ambitions? What is the desires? And now I'm going to go to work with that person because I can help them to reach that.

So this way I gage where would they fit in and I even explained to them about this 80%, 15% and 5% and I ask them, “Which category do you think you fit in?” And if they tell me, “I'm the 5%, I want to make £25,000 or more, I want to get there soon as possible, I want to be the rock star, I want to build a huge business.” Awesome, let me help you do that but if they tell me, “Hey look, I'm just going to be ordering for myself and my first order I'll place in three months time.” Totally cool. They fit in the 80%, I leave them alone. Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense guys. Don't try to make people what they are not and don't try to force people into things that they have no desire for. 

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