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The title of this is, don't be a Spamela Anderson. I want to talk about spam and what is spam because we keep hearing spam, spam, spam, what is really spam?

Well spam is when you assume that somebody is interested without asking first. That's when you're spamming. So if you're sending somebody the first message and you saying, “Oh my gosh, Jenny, I've got found amazing business, you should definitely join it, you're going to really do well, etcetera. Here's my link, join my team.” Then that's spam because I've just assumed that Jenny is interested. She might not be interested at all. She might not even be open to taking a look, but I'm sending her the link right away, which means I'm spamming.

Instead, you should always ask. You should always ask a person first. So instead of sending them the link right away, the first message you send should always be asking if the person would be open. Now, it doesn't matter whether that's somebody you really know, or it's a total stranger, you should first of all, always ask them, “Hey Paula, hope you're well, not sure what you’re doing nowadays. Just curious, would you be open to take a look at a project that I got started with? It may be for you, maybe not for you, but I'm just curious, would you be open to take a look? And if not totally cool.”

So this way, you’re giving the person the chance to tell you whether they’re interested or not, and this way, you're not spamming. If you're sending a message like that, that's not spam because you’re asking, “Hey man, would you be open?” And you could use the same thing for the product.

Again, don't assume that Lena wants that lipstick, because she might not want that lipstick. So if you’re sending somebody, “Hey look at this product, it's amazing, you should buy it.” it's spam because you didn't ask that person whether they would be interested. If you got a product group, and you just add all of your friends to that group without asking, that spam.

Even though you didn't send them anything, you added them to the group, it's still spam because you didn't ask them, “Hey, would you like to become part of my community? Hey, would you like to become part of my group? Where I'm going to be sharing this, that and the other one, I'm going to be doing price rose raffles, share useful information to huge discounts and things like that, would you like to be part of that group? You just went and added that person that spam.

You know what, even if you go into your profile and you just blast product features, “Hey, buy one, get one. 599 buy one, get one.” That's also spam because you didn't ask your Facebook audience whether they would be interested in seeing that. So that's why you should put some curiosity posts, you should put some solution selling posts on your profile instead of just blasting the picture of drain cleaner, maybe you should first ask, “Hey, who out here hates cleaning their drains? Who out here hates unblocking their sinks? Who out here is disgusted to pull the hair out of their shower or from the bathtub? Who in here finds that totally gross and disgusting?” That's a question.

Now somebody who will response to that and says, “Oh, yuck, I hate that.” Guess what? Now they’re telling you that that relates to them. Now you could private message that person and say, “Hey, thanks for your comment. I hate to too, would you be open to take a look at a product that could make that solved? Would you be able to take a look at the product which will help you never to have to pull those hairs out of your bathtub?”

It's the approach. Maybe you've got a weight loss product, so instead of saying “Hey, by one, get one.” Maybe you could put a post like, how many of you would love to fit in a dress that is size or two size smaller than you fit in right now for that Christmas party? How many of you would love that? People who comment, guess what, they're in the market of weight loss, they need, they want lose weight, if they want to fit in a dress that is size or two size smaller. So it's just about know being lazy with your marketing because when you just blasting the pictures of the products with prices on them, and that's all it's just being lazy
It's just being like, whatever, whoever is interested will buy, but if you do a bit of curiosity posts, if you do a bit of solution selling where you're asking the questions that relate to the benefit of your product, so always think, not what my product is, but what my product does, and that's what you need to market. You need to market the benefits, what your product does, instead of what it is, because nobody, like a lot of you who watch the video right now, or who will watch the replay, you probably have this device at your home called drill. You probably have a drill. Now, nobody buys a drill, because they want a drill, nobody buys a drill because they need a drill. No. The only people who buy a drill are people who need the hole in the wall. That's what they wanted. They wanted a hole in the wall. That's why they bought the drill.

Stop marketing the drill, start marketing the hole in the wall. What do your people want? What does your product solve? What problem does it solve? What need does it satisfy? What would that person who would buy your product want? Maybe the person who would buy a product wants to be more confident, maybe they want to be in better health, maybe they want to look nicer, maybe they want to smell nicer, maybe they want to feel better, whatever it is. Think about what is the benefit of your product and that's what you should market. You will get a lot better response, you'll get a lot better interest and you will not most importantly become a Spamela Anderson.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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