Don’t “DANCE” for anybody

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This blog is titled, don't dance for anybody. Now what do I mean? Do I mean like, literally dancing?

No, I don't mean actual dancing. What I mean, is having posture in your business. So very often, people will try to see how much they can push and pull you. So, let's say you’re introducing somebody to your business opportunity, and they go, “Well, why should I join you?” And what they’re basically saying is like, “Hey, dance for me.

Prove me, why should I join you?” It's like, if you've seen those old cowboy or western movies where they take two guns, and they go, poof, poof and you're dancing for them. This is what I imagined. When somebody throws a question like that at me, like, “Why should I join your team or why should I join your company?” They’re basically trying to make you dance and go, “Well, because I'm so wonderful, because of this, because of that.” And they want you to try and sell them on and that's what most people will do and that's what they expect you to do.

So when somebody wants to make you dance like that, you want to come back with posture. So you don't need to be rude. You don't need to be whatever, but you need to have posture. So if somebody says, “Why should I join your company?” My answer would be? “Well, maybe you should, maybe you shouldn't. Like, why are you looking to join my company? Why are you looking to join my business? Like, this is what I do and this is what I don't do.

This is what you can expect and this is what you shouldn't be expecting.” So it's not about you trying to convince them because, again, in network marketing, when I speak to new network marketers, to people who just joined network marketing, I always ask people say, “What's your biggest challenge? What's your biggest difficulty right now? Let me help you.” And you know what they say very often, they say, “Well, my biggest challenge is convincing people to join my business.” And I go, “Well, that's your problem. I don't understand because you're trying to convince people to join your business. In network marketing, we don't convince people. We are sorting through people.” So we go, “Hey, would you be interested in adding extra income? No. Next, would you be interested in actual income? No. Next would you be? Yeah, come, I'll show you how.” That's what we do we sorting for people, you've got 7 billion people on this planet, you will never run out of people to talk to.

So you don't need to convince people. You don't need to drag people screaming and kicking. You just need to sort through people and find the ones who are already open, the ones who are already looking for an opportunity, the ones who are already interested in doing what you've got to offer to them, right? And then you don't need to dance for them. You don't need to go, “Who wants a wonderful idea.” You know what I mean? You just say hey, look, this is what it is.

This is what it isn't and it's up to you if you want to join my team or not. And most of the time, the prospect doesn't expect it. You know, they will go, “Oh, this is different,” right? And guess what, most of the time people are attracted to people with posture, people are attracted to people who are confident, because if you crumble like a crack in front of them, then that’s not attractive, that doesn't look very serious, you know what I mean? So it's like sometimes people will try to like, “Oh, this is your little business?” And you might say, “Hey what are we doing talking about it, then? If you're so amazing, if you're so great, if you're so successful, why are we talking about you earning extra income?” you know, what I mean?

Because sometimes people will respond to whatever content you put out there about earning extra income, and then they will try to pretend that they are like, bigger than you that they are like, whatever, you know, and you why did you respond in the first place, then? You responded about earning extra income and now you're trying to-- what are we doing here? And very often the person will stop for a minute and they go, “Well I need an extra income because all my job hasn't been so well.” You know what I mean? So you need to have this posture, you need to level with the person for them to understand that you're not going to be dancing for them; you're not going to be entertaining them. You are a business person and you're looking for people you know, but if it's not a fit for them is totally cool with you.

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