Doing things BELOW your pay grade so that you can later be paid ABOVE your pay grade

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I want to talk about doing things below your pay grade so that later you can earn above your pay grade so today’s topic is doing things below your pay grade so that later you can earn above your pay grade. What does that mean?

Well, what it means is that in your home based business, in network marketing at the beginning, you might need to do things that will not make sense to you. So what I mean by that, let's say you start your network marketing business and let's say you start building a team, you start building your network marketing team and your team member wants to run a product party. So you driving there for an hour, then you helping to do this product party for an hour or longer, then you have to drive back home and whatever sales the business partner made, your override commission is going to be like three pounds on that or five pounds and you might be thinking, “What the hell am I doing? I could have gone to work and I would have made 100 pounds today or more. Why am I doing this crap because this is clearly below my pay grade, I'm not being paid enough to do this stuff.” So you might start thinking, "Oh my gosh, this doesn't even make sense." Or maybe doing a three way call for your team member. So you team member calls you up and goes, “Oh my God, I've got this prospect, could we jump on a on a three way call?”

So you jump on this three way call, you spend an hour talking to this prospect who doesn't even end up joining the business. And you're thinking, Oh my gosh, I just spent an hour talking to this person and I didn't even get paid for that. I could have gone to work and made 20 pounds or 15 pounds or whatever, you get paid per hour, you get what I mean. So this will again, it would appear that oh my gosh, I'm doing things below my pay grade. Like literally I just started my own business and I'm being paid less than what I would earn in a job. It doesn't even make sense. Why would I do this thing?

There will be many things, especially at the beginning when you start building your network marketing business that you're doing and you're thinking, Oh my gosh, I'm not even earning money from this. I'm not even being paid for this. Why on earth would I do all these things that are below my pay grade? Like if I go to work at my normal job, I would earn more. There is a moment here. There is an understanding. The reason why you're doing those things below your pay grade, so that your business one day would pay you above your pay grade.

So if right now you go and help somebody do this product party, and your override commission on all of those sales is like five pounds and you wasted three hours. So let's say you get paid 10 pounds an hour at your job, so instead of making 30 pounds in your job, you made five.

So you might be thinking oh my gosh, I just lost 25 pounds, but later on, once your business has grown, instead of earning 2000 pounds like in your normal job, you start being paid 3000 pounds, 4000 pounds a month, 5000 pounds for your business. Now you're being paid above your pay grade because in your job, you could have never gotten so many pay raises to get to that. But now in your business, you're earning double what you used to earn in your job, triple what you used to, what if you get to 10,000 a month, 15,000 a month, 20,000 a month. That's like multiples of what you would have been earning in your job.

How did you get there? You get there by doing the things below your pay grade. So that product party that you went and helped your team member to do and that you made five pounds, which looked like a complete waste of time, you're not doing that product party for that product party, you’re doing that product party for the thousands and thousands of other product parties that will happen in that team.

By you doing the product party, you’re showing your team member how to do that product party. You don't know how many hundreds of product parties that team member will go on to do and how many other people that team member will train up in the business and how many more hundreds or thousands of people will join the business because you turned up to do that one product party. You know that three way call that nobody joins the business, you’re not doing that three way call for that three way call for that one person to join.

No, no, you’re doing that three way call for many hundreds and thousands of three way calls that will happen because of that three way call because while you were doing that three way call, you have trained up your team member how to do a three way call. Now they can do more three way calls. They can train up their own team members to do three way calls. Does that start making sense?

In network marketing, whatever you do with your team, you never do it for that particular thing. You do the training, so that your team members will be able to do hundreds of trainings afterwards, by learning from you. You do the party for the hundreds of parties that your team members will do afterwards, you do the business opportunity presentation, not for that particular presentation, but for the hundreds and thousands of presentations that will happen within your team because you did that one and your team member saw it and learn from it. You understand what I'm saying?

So those things that at the beginning seemed like it's below your pay grade, the work is below your pay grade will eventually make you money way, way, way above your pay grade once your business starts duplicating and growing, and your team grows into hundreds of people, thousands of people, 10s of thousands of people.

But it all has to start with that one presentation. It all has to start with that one product party, it all has to start with that one prospecting incident where you start chatting to somebody at a restaurant or at the shop on an aeroplane, on the train or whatever. Those first things that seem to be not making sense, that seem to be not even making any money, that seem to be complete waste of time will eventually will help you build a huge business, huge organization.

And that's why you have to embrace that beginning, you have to embrace those first weeks and months and sometimes few first years, even, of building, starting to build that foundation, starting to build that base of your business that on that base, on that foundation later can grow a tremendous massive business that will make you such obscene money that people will not even believe that you can earn that money.

When I talked to people about network marketing, about home based business to people who are not in network marketing and not in home based business, and when I tell them about the compensation plan about how much we can earn in network marketing, when I tell them about the free five star holidays that we get from the company, when I tell about the car bonuses, getting from the company Mercedes and things like that, most people can't even comprehend that.

Most people can't believe that that can be true. In their head, it doesn't compute because they're used to 10 pounds an hour, 12 pounds an hour, 15 pounds an hour. That's what they’re used to. And they can't even imagine that somebody could get paid such incredible amount of money for just working from home. Get luxury holidays, get car bonuses, get other perks and things like that as part of the business, but all of that comes later.

Everybody would like that to come at the front, but it doesn't. It comes later as the fruits of your work at the beginning, the mundane, the boring, the seemingly pointless. So that's my message for today. Don't be scared to do things below your pay grade at the beginning, because it will give you a huge income later on way, way, way above your pay grade. That's my wish for you that you will get to that point where you're being paid five, 10, 15, 20 times what you earning right now, in your full time job. That's my wish for you.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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