Doing the long distance product demonstrations

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk a little bit about doing long distance product demonstrations.

Yesterday, I was participating in a mastermind with different network marketing leaders from different network marketing companies and there were a few ladies from a big well known makeup company that she had a really cool strategy that they do.

Now because they deal with skincare and cosmetics, etcetera, what they did, usually before the quarantine, before the lockdown, they would meet up with people and do these pampering events where they would get the potential customers to test out the face systems and the hand care systems, all their skin care stuff, but since the lockdown happened, since everything got shut down, they couldn't do the live in person product demonstrations and to get the customers to test the product. But actually feeling the product and touching it and testing it is a big part of a customer experience and a big part of a customer making a decision to buy the product.

They were thinking how could we do the same thing in this lockdown environment? And they figured out something that they started doing, which they call like long distance demonstrations. What they did, they actually make a little box with about 20 different product samples inside the box and send it to potential customers. Potential customer pays a symbolic amount of money because we know that people don't value what they get for free anyway. So they pay like 10 pounds or 10 euros, just to cover the actual samples and the postage, and they send these little sample boxes to all of the customers, then the customers get added to our Facebook group or WhatsApp group or whatever, and then over the next a week, or 10 days, the customers are getting a video every day of how to test or sample each product, right. It's not just saying, “Hey, here's the product, try it out.”

But actually there's a tutorial, there's a walkthrough for a customer how to get the best result trying the different products. And over that week or 10 days, the customer tries out all of these 20 or 25 different products, and guess what happens by the end of it? A bunch of them wants to buy the full system for the skincare; a bunch of them wants to join the business, and the leaders don't even have to leave their home to run these demonstrations. So their potential customers can be all across the country and they're running these demonstrations from home but people get to touch the product, people get to physically experience the product. What do you think? I think it's absolutely genius. If you have a product that you can make into small samples and let people to try this strategy, I think it's awesome. It's incredible.

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