Does MONEY make you a bad person?

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Today it's about money. Does having lots of money make you a bad person, is the money the root of all evil and is all rich people jerks and bad people. Is it or is it not? Let’s have a little talk about that because I think it's very important since your money mindset or what you think about money will determine how much of it you actually make. So first of all money. What is money? And is money good or bad? Well, actually, money is inert. Which means it's neither good nor is bad.

If somebody has a lot of money and to say is good person or is a bad person would make no sense whatsoever. It's same as saying somebody who has a lot of bricks is a bad person or somebody who has a lot of bricks is a good person. Makes no sense whatsoever, it doesn't really make any sense because the brick in itself is neither good nor bad, you can take a brick and throw it through somebody’s window, that makes you a bad person, you can take the same brick and build a church with it and that makes you a good person. So having bricks doesn't make you a good person or bad person, it's more about what you do with those bricks. Same with money. Just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you're good or bad.

So money is actually an amplifier. Which means if you're an asshole, when you have a lot of money, you're going to be a bigger asshole, but if you're a good person, then when you get a lot of money, you're going to become a better person. You're going to help even more people, you're going to support more people. So money is an amplifier because it just makes you more of who you are. It's totally fine. So if you like going saving people, and if you go like supporting people, if you like doing all of that, then having a lot of money will help you to do even more of it because one of my favourite sayings is that “you can't help the poor if you're one of them”.

So if you're poor, you can't help a lot of people, trust me, I've been there, got the T shirt. I know what I'm talking about. So if you don't have a lot of money it’s going to be very difficult to do that. So that's that, money neither is good or bad, but then how could you get more of it because some of you, you would like more money, raise your hand if you'd like more money but for some reason you're struggling to get more money and that might be caused by your money mindset, by your money psychology because in our lives, we have what is called a money thermostat. So you know, like you have a thermostat in your house and you set the thermostat to 20 degrees and it will maintain the temperature. If the temperature starts dropping below 20, the heating kicks in and brings the temperature backup. If the temperature starts going up higher, then the thermostat will turn off the heating and the temperature will drop back to the 20 degrees.

Same way, we have a money thermostat in our head, which means we are used to making a certain amount of money, we are used to being in a certain place financially and it makes us stick there. It makes us stay there. So if you used to making maybe 2000 pounds a month, and all of a sudden you make a little bit more money, what will happen very often because of your money thermostat, you'll go and spend that money or you'll do something stupid. You'll do a stupid investment or whatever and you lose that money. You go right back where you belong and you go, “Okay, I'm comfortable here.” Or if you start making less money than usually, then your stress will kick in and you'll go do a bit more work, spend a little bit less so that the money comes back where it's supposed to be but if you want to drastically change your life and start making a lot more money than what you're making right now, you need to adjust your money thermostat to a higher level.

What does that mean? One, you need to allow yourself to earn the money. It's okay for you to be rich. It's okay for you to be wealthy. Don't keep clinging to the old sort of dogma, the things you've heard, and a lot of it is not even true. Like people say, “Well, Bible says that money is the root of all evil.” Incorrect, Bible does not say that money is the root of evil. What Bible says is, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” So it's the way we interpret, somebody decided, you know what, let's just take that part of the sentence and use it. So if you in love with money, if the only reason why you do something is because you love the money you get, you are like that Scrooge McDuck. You have the whole room of it and let me get a little bit more, then yeah, that's bad. That's horrible. I wouldn’t even want to be that person, but the money itself is not a root of all evil because hey, guess what some people go, “Oh money can’t buy you happiness.” Well, neither does poverty, being poor is not going to buy you happiness either but I rather cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.

So what you need to understand again is that being wealthy, being rich will not make you a bad person however, if right now you're looking at rich people, you're looking at wealthy people and say bad things about them, you’re wishing bad things for them and you’re doing all sorts of bad things towards rich people, guess what, you will never be rich, I can promise you that, because subconsciously you’ll think, well, if I become rich, if I become wealthy then other people will think the same things about me. Other people will start hating me. So you will do everything you can to lose the money so that other people don't hate you. So you have to start changing your money mindset and instead, when you see somebody wealthy, when you see somebody rich say, “Hey thanks for doing well, thanks for showing an example, thanks for showing it’s possible, thanks for doing that favour to me because now because of you, you are a role model to me. I can copy you, I can try to do the same thing as you.” 

I know there's a lot of politicians for example who will say, “Oh, rich people.” And that's like the worst thing because if a politician says, “All rich people are bad.” I can tell you that that politician thinks you're stupid. If a politician says, “Ah, these rich people, let's go get them.” They think you’re an idiot. Why? Because that politician is a rich person. If that politician didn't have the money, you wouldn't even hear him because it takes a lot of money to get elected. It takes a lot of money for all of those campaigns and everything. So if a politician tells you, “Ah, these rich people are horrible, let's tax them.” They just think you're an idiot. They just think that you are stupid. So next time you hear a politician on the television saying, “Ah, these rich people.” Just go, “Yeah, this one thinks I'm an idiot.” It's also important because the way the media works, the way the politicians work, the way that Hollywood portrays rich people, it makes you think that being wealthy is bad, but actually it's not true. Wealthy people are the biggest contributors towards charities. 

Let me ask you a question. If you don't have much money right now, how much money have you donated last year towards charities? Probably none, rich people, like take Bill Gates from Microsoft, he donates millions every single year towards charity. So is he a bad person really? So just think about it. Don’t be a follower, be a student. Think for yourself. Don't let other people make your opinion. Don't let other people make up your mind. Instead, think for yourself. So that's really important and the way you talk about money, like I heard people going like, “Hey, money is not important to me. Yeah, money is not important to me.” What! Imagine if I said that about my wife, if I said, “Yeah, my wife is not important to me.” How long do you think she's going to hang around me? Not very long. So if you say, “Oh, money is not important to me.” Guess what? Money is not going to hang around you, money is going to leave you, money is going to go, “Well, I'm not important to you, so long sucker!” 

So you need to start respecting money, treating it with respect and changing your mindset toward money. About a month ago, we were in Las Vegas at Go Pro and we saw people who are very, very well for in network marketing, people who are making hundred thousand dollars a month, $200,000 a month, $300,000 a month, there was a couple who both individually earned $3 million each last year. $6 million family income, not bad for a year. And guess what, these guys, they’re doing some incredible stuff. They’re building schools in Africa, they’re building the medical centres, they’re building shelters for people, they’re contributing to all sorts of causes and helping a lot of people because they can, because they make that money, they can now go and change somebody's life. They can now go and help somebody out. So if you play small, the world is not being served by that. The world is not being served by you playing small. 

So if you're going, “Oh, I'm okay, I've got a roof over my head, I've got food in the fridge, I've got clothes on my back, so I don't need to work hard, I don't need to make all of that money, I don't need to make all those millions.” Then you are really being selfish, that's what you’re being because you sort of you saying, “Well, I've taken care of me and so does everybody else and I don't care about anybody else.” That's not very great is it, that's not very inspirational is it? So even if you don't need the money still go and make it and go and donate it, go and impact some causes, go and change the lives, but just because you don't need any more money doesn't mean you should relax, doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to fulfil your hundred percent potential because if you could make more money, shouldn't you? I think you should because then you can do something with it. Then you can go and influence somebody, then you can go and change some lives, but if you choose not to, then you’re playing small, then you’re not fulfilling your potential, then you’re not doing what you could have done and you’re just being selfish. So that's my take on it anyway.

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