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I want to talk about asking the right questions when it comes to speaking with your prospects. Very often when I speak to people in network marketing, they asked me they said, how do you talk to people? Like, when you find somebody on social media, what can I ask that person? How can I start a conversation?

There are different ways how you can start conversations with people but of course I enjoy questions that involve about the lifestyle, about their job, about their dreams or the free time. What do you like to do? Maybe questions about the family, about hobbies and things like that. But one of my favourite questions is always to ask a person what do they do for a living since I can offer them a home based business opportunity, since I can offer them a way to earn some extra income. So it's quite useful for me to find out what do they do for a living?

So very often I asked them, “Hey, what do you do for a living?” And they'll tell me, whatever job that is, maybe they are chef, their secretary, they're a cleaner. They're a factory worker, they’re driver or whatever. And no matter what answer they say, I always ask the following question, the one that is in the title of this video, I asked them, “Is this your dream job?” And no matter like, whatever
  they tell me, I'll say, “Is this your dream job?”

Why? Because I want to find out if it's their dream job or not, maybe that person loves driving, maybe driving is their dream job and maybe they don't want to do anything else in their life. Just drive the cars. Cool. I'm not in the business of getting people out of their dream jobs. I'm not in the business of saying, “Ah, your job is rubbish.” No. I always want to have a nice conversation with a person. So that's why I will always ask, “Hey, is this your dream job?”

Not especially, but like if they did it for a long time as well. So I'll say, “Is this your dream job?” And guess what most people answer to me when I asked them is this your dream job? Guess what most people say? Most people say, “No, it isn't.” They go, “What you think working in a factory is my dream job? Definitely not.” But now, they're opening a door. When they tell me that this is not their dream job, then they are opening the door for me to offer something else. Actually, some of them say, “Nah, I'm only doing this until I find something better.” Or they say, “I'm only doing this to pay the bills.” So when I ask them, “Is this your dream job?” Most people unfortunately like I mean, it breaks my heart, but most people, they don't work in their dream job. They just work in a job that pays the bills, but they really don't enjoy it. Really, it's not their dream job.

If they say it isn't, I say, “Well, that sucks.” I don't say it sucks, but I say, “Well, would you be open to find out about another way of earning money from home, like an extra income that could potentially help you to stop going to that work? Would you be open to hear about an opportunity to earn extra income from home that could potentially help you with time to retire from that job?” And guess what? A lot of people say, “Yeah I would. Yeah I would hear about that. Yeah I would be open to hear about that.”

Because in a way, they actually invited that invitation because they said, they’re not working in the dream job. So it's a super easy way. It's like two, three questions away, and you can send them your presentation, and you can send them your information about your business. So it's not difficult. It's totally cool. It's totally easy. And people talk about jobs all the time anyway. So it's not like an offensive question to ask somebody, “Hey, what do you do for a living?” And most people will say, “Well, I work in that and I work in this etcetera.” And you don't even need to find out, sometimes there'll be a bit like, “Oh, I work in hospitality.” Like, that could be a million things, but I don't care. I just go, “Awesome. Is that your dream job?” And if they go, “No, it isn't.” That gives me an opportunity to talk.

Now what if they say, “Well, yes, it is my dream job.” What do you do then? What if they say it's their dream job. We need to make them hate their job somehow. No, we don’t. It's okay if they're doing the dream job. It's awesome. I go, “Amazing, I'm so happy for you.” By the way, this three my neutralizing words, by the way, it's mind neutralizing one. So I go, “And by the way, would you be open to hearing about an opportunity to earn extra income from home?” So I'll still ask them the question, but the first and second, it might go different ways.

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