Do you talk your prospect OUT of the business opportunity?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, February 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk to you about talking the person out of the business, and if you're doing it and how not to do it.

So when we were back in Kazan, we had a training by one of the leaders. His name is Murat and he shared a great communication model that I thought wow, this is powerful. I definitely need to share it with the guys. So what's the idea behind it? Well, idea behind it is that very often, business partners in network marketing, they are so excited about their business that they are talking, talking, talking, talking, talking and they sell the business to the prospect. But the problem is, they don't stop talking. So they carry on to talk and talk and talk and talk, and then they buy the business back to where the person goes, ”Ah, I don't want to hear any more, it’s too much information overload. Thanks, but no thanks. Bye.”

So how much should you talk and what you do say? So there's this cool communication model that this leader shared with us in Kazan and I thought, wow, this is pretty cool. So imagine you have this three lines here, and then what I do, I cross a diagonal line like this. So you have it like this. So the model of the communication should look like that. And I'll show you. And most people do it backwards, by the way. So you see how the communication model looks like.

So at the beginning, this is how much you talk, and this is how much your prospect talks. Do you get it? Most people will do it backwards. Most people will do it the other way around, they will talk this much, and they will let the prospect talk only this much. They will go, “Oh my gosh, I've got amazing company. I've got incredible products. And let me tell you about the marketing plan and this and that.” And they absolutely over kill it. You should talk this much and let the prospect talk that much.

How can you do that? Like how could you talk that little? And the way you do it is basically by asking questions, because when you ask the question, you talk this much and your prospect talks this much. So today we had one meeting with incredible lady here in St. Petersburg, she's owner of our hairdressing salon, they do loads of different things in that saloon and she also is part of our business. So as soon as she came to the hotel, the first thing I said when we sat down, I said, “Look, if you had a magic wand, if you had a magic wand like that, and you could wave it and have whatever you want from this business, there's no limits, there's no nothing, like literally, you couldn't have whatever you want, what would you like?” And I zip it, I let the person talk. So I said this much, and then let her to say this much.

Then she went into like how she would like to help other people, and she basically gave me all the information I needed to then go into a training session. So then once she said the beginning part, then me, the other person, now we're talking equally. So the second stage where you then start sentence they say, sentence uses and at the end, that's where you get to talk a lot, and the person actually listens. The person actually wants to listen to you.

But most people, what do they do? They do backwards. They start from talking loads and at the end, they want the person to talk and it doesn't work like that. So when you're talking to your prospect, at least at the very beginning, ask as many questions as you can, and let the person do the talking. Think about when you come for a job interview, who talks most? The interviewer, or the interviewee. It's the candidate talks most, does most of the talking. The interviewer, the person who is hiring, will ask a question, and then the person will talk for a few minutes, then the interviewer will ask something else, and again, the candidate talks. Why? Because it's the candidate who has to sell themselves, not the company.

Same way in your recruiting, if you're talking more than your prospect, then you're trying to sell the job. And that's just weird. That's just strange, for most people, they go, “Well normally, I used to have to talk more when I was in the interview. Now it looks like they're doing all the talking and they're trying to convince me to join it.” Not much posture in that, not a really great energy.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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