Do you have to change your PERSONALITY?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 Under: Personal Development

One of the things that when it comes to producing content, doing videos and doing different things, people are very often asking, so does that mean I have to change my personality? I'm not a loud spoken person, extroverted, do I need to change myself?

Reality is that you don't have to change your personality because guess what, whatever type of personality you have, whichever way you talk, whatever is your likes and dislikes. There will be millions of people who will connect to who you are. So two people could be talking about the same thing in their videos and some people will watch one person, other people watch another person. Why, because they just connect to that better, they connect to them, to their personality better.

So when I do my videos, I laugh a lot, I'm a bit Goofy, whatever, but some people like me, some people don't like me and it's absolutely fine. So you have to understand that you don't have to change your personality in order for you to start doing videos, or in order for you to start giving value to people. And again, you may be doing videos on Facebook, on Instagram, maybe you're writing blogs, maybe you're doing YouTube channel, or whatever it is you do, there will always be people who will connect with you.

What you need to understand is that you just have to be consistent and patient. People might not jump on to thousands of people in your lives the first time you start doing it, but you just need to stick to it and same way, what to talk about because sometimes people watch my videos and my video is all about home based business, all about personal development and they go, “I don't know how to talk about business, I don't know how to talk about personal development.”

Well then don't, don't talk about business or personal development, talk about what you are passionate about. Talk about what you are interested in. So if you into chess playing, then do videos about chess playing, if you're into sports cars, then do videos about sports cars, if you cooking, then do videos about cooking. It doesn't really matter what you do your videos on, it can still help you to grow your home based business because the idea of doing videos or producing any other type of content is for you to become an authority in a particular niche, then people trust you and then they will take a look at your products or your business or whatever you do. So you need to understand this.

So for example, let's say I'm into cooking, and I start doing videos every single day about cooking. So in time, people will keep watching my videos, and I become an authority for them in cooking, because they see how much I'm interested in, how much content I provide, how much value I provide them in that particular niche and because they now trust me in cooking, then they will be a lot more likely to take a look at my home based business, then they will be a lot more likely to take a look at my weight loss products or at my cosmetics, or whatever.

So you have to understand that your videos or your content that you're providing doesn't have to be just about the business just about the product that you sell. You can do different videos about different types of things, as long as you're consistent in that particular topic. So don't keep changing your topics every other day. One day you're talking about how to fix your sports car up, other day you're talking about weight loss, another day talking about cooking, another day you're talking about sports, it just doesn't relate to each other.

If you're doing videos, you should be doing content in one particular niche, in one particular topic, in one particular group of people, but you don't have to change who you are in order for you to start doing it. Could you be a little bit more higher energy when you do your videos? Yeah, you could and that would that help? Absolutely, but you don't have to be, as long as you’re providing value, people will watch your videos. I've seen people who for me, they are completely boring. Like, I cannot watch those videos because I'm like three minutes in, I'm falling asleep, but there are hundreds and thousands of people watching their videos because they’re providing value.

So as long as you providing value in your content, people will watch you despite your personality style, despite your accent, despite your
color, despite your age, despite your gender, it will not matter because the value that you're providing is the reason why they're watching you, is the reason why they’re following you, not your personality, not you being crazy on the video. That's my lesson for today.

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