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I want to talk about responsibility.

Now you can notice that it was an interesting way how I wrote the responsibility. And there's a reason for that. The reason why I wrote it like that response ability, because responsibility is basically an effective way to respond to things because people who don't make much progress, people who don't get very good results, usually, they don't know how to respond to things that are happening to them in life, or even better way to say for them in life, and they respond to things in an ineffective way. And if you respond to things in an ineffective way, then usually you won't get great results. Usually you will suffer more, usually you will stress more and so on, but when you develop responsibility, then you become able to respond in a better way because you take responsibility now.

The three things that ineffective people do people who are not effective, what they do is number one, they complain. When things are not going the way they want in life, when they're not getting results, when they're not making money, when they’re not making progress in the business, they just complain. They just complain, they complain how difficult it is, they complain how government is bad, they complain about everything.

Like how the company is not helping them, how the products are too expensive, how people are negative and so on, they just complain. And if you complain, does that help you? Is that going to help you reach your goal? Does that gonna move you progress? No, complaining is like a zero value activity. Like whenever you complain, you're just wasting your own time, you're just wasting your breath. Complaining doesn't work at all and it's one of the things that unsuccessful people do. And that stops them in their track to success.

The second thing that unsuccessful people do is they use excuses. Again, that's an ineffective way to respond to a situation is to look for an excuse. If you're right now not making the amount of money that you want to be making, if you're not reaching the position that you want to be reaching, if you're not recruiting as many people as you want to be recruiting, if you're not selling as much as you'd like to be selling and your response to that is an excuse, like, “Oh, but I'm not that smart. Oh, but the product is too expensive.” That again, that’s a zero value activity.

Because coming up with an excuse helps you in no way it serves you in no way. That means you're not taking responsibility. You're not taking responsibility. You instead coming up with an excuse, what would a leader do? What would a high achiever do? They would take responsibility. They would say, “Hey, I'm not getting results. I'm not making money, and it's my own fault. I need to figure this thing out. I need to learn what I need to learn. I need to contact whoever I need to contact, I need to figure this thing out and start making money and start getting results.” That is a good way to respond. That's is ability to respond in an effective way. But unsuccessful people, they'll just give an excuse. They go, “Oh, this excuse is good. Sounds very good. I'll use this excuse.” And they will never progress and they'll never get results. That’s the second thing.

And then the third thing that people who are not effective do. The third thing that people who don't get results do is blaming. Again, blaming is the third zero value activity that you can do, blaming other people, blaming the company, blaming your sponsor, blaming your team members, blaming the weather, blaming the politics, blaming the schools, you can blame the whole world. Everybody can be at fault for your lack of success. Or maybe it's your mom's fault, because she didn't raise you well, maybe it's your dad's fault, because he told you you're worthless when you were little.

Like, we can blame the whole world. But again, all that it shows is that you're not taking responsibility, which means you're not able to respond in an effective way. Because if you blame others, does that help you in any way? Does that progress? Will that help you to solve that problem if you blame somebody? Of course not. It's just a waste of your time. But if you take responsibility and say, “Hey look, I could have done better, I could have learned, I could have practiced, I could have went to that training, I could have bought that book and read it, but I didn't. And that's why I didn't get the result. What can I do? What can I change?” That's empowering. That's enabling, but blaming, complaining, finding excuses, that doesn't help you in any way, shape or form.

You want to get away from those free actions. You want to stop complaining, you want to stop looking for excuses, and you want to stop blaming other people in your life for good. From now on, just every time you catch yourself, “Ah, I'm blaming, let me delete this, let me erase that.” Do something else, say something else, think about something else because that is ineffective. If your life was a bus and the bus has different seats, where would you be sitting in the bus?

If your life is a bus, where would you be sitting in the bus? The right answer to this question is in the driver's seat, that's where you should be sitting. Because then you're staring your life to where you want it to go. But there is so many people who are sitting in the passenger seat of the bus of their life. And they're just watching through the window as their life is going by. And they're not getting the results. They're not making the money. They're not achieving the dreams, but they're not driving the life. They're not in the driver's seat, they’re sitting on the backseat and saying, “Ah, why is it not going faster? Why am I not getting results? Why am I not making money?” You can't change anything by sitting at the back in the passenger seat. You need to get in a driver's seat and start driving that bus to where you want it to go. Because your happiness will depend on the level of control you have in your life.

This is deep stuff, guys. I hope you’re getting this. If you're feeling unhappy in your life, if you ever feel unhappy in your life, ask yourself, where did I lose control? Which part of my life I lost control? Because most often, when you feel unhappy, when you feel dissatisfied with your life, you have lost control somewhere. Maybe you've lost control in your relationships, maybe you've lost control in your finances, because your happiness very often will have a direct relationship with the amount of control you feel that you have in your life.

And again, coming back to those three things, complaining, looking for excuses and blaming other people remove control from you, it takes away your power. Because if you’re blaming somebody, if you’re complaining, if you are looking for excuses, you're giving the power away, you no longer have the power to change your life because you gave the power to those people. You gave the power to those circumstances, you gave the power to the bad childhood or whatever, now you're powerless to change it. But when you take responsibility, then you have the power to change your life, you have the power to steer it to the new directions.

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