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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about entitlement and do you feel entitled?

Now what I mean by that is that there is a group of people out there who feel like the world owes them something. And it comes across quite strong very often where a person will declare what has to be done for them. Why hasn't this been done for them, and why is not the doing that for them and why is this not done the way they feel like it should be done? And basically what they're saying is that they’re entitled that the world owes them something, that the company owes them something, that everybody else owes them something and should do things etcetera. And that's one way to present yourself. That's one way to express yourself. So that's one way. Another way would be to be humble, and to be gracious and to have gratitude for things that happen for you and things that don't happen, they don't happen. And it's very different feeling when you dealing with people with those two different opposing views.

And I think what a lot of people who have this mentality of entitlement don't realize that very quickly people stop wanting to help them because as a leader, as somebody who's trying to help the team, if you get this person time and time again, express how, “Oh. Why is it not like that? And why did I don't get this and why has that not been done?” But guess what happens? The person who's helping them stops wanting to help that person because no matter what they do, it's not good enough anyway and they stop in, “You know what, this is just a waste of my time because this person expects the world.”

Very rarely you'll find this entitlement mentality in successful people. Usually it's the unsuccessful people who are still waiting for others to do something for them. They’re still waiting for the company to become better, they’re still waiting for the product to become-- They're not thinking about themselves getting better, of course, it's everybody else and everything else, it has to get better for them to progress in life, for them to get results in business. And then when you look at successful people, usually you find who, you find humble people who they just get on with it. They just do what they can do with what they've got available. So instead of asking the company to change, they get better.

Instead of asking for product to change, they get better, instead of asking for the leaders to change, they get better. And it's a completely different feeling that when you dealing with that type of person who comes to you and says, “Hey, this is happening, I'm not sure why is this happening, but how could we resolve? Is there a way to help with this?” You will be more willing to help that person right? Because they don't come at you going, “Why is this not being done? And why is this not a better quality?”

So if you are one of those people who is always entitled, just know that by having that mindset, by radiating those waves that the world owes me something, you are actually repulsing people from you, you’re actually losing people, you’re actually losing people who would be willing to help you, but they won't help you just because of your mindset, just because of your mentality. They will stop helping you because they'll say, “This person will not appreciate anyway, this person is not coming from the right place.”

And if you deal with people like that, then it's hot. Maybe tag them on this video. No, no don't tag them because everybody will gets tagged in this video, will think, “Do they think that I've been titled?” No, I'm just kidding. But the idea is that if you are like that, try to start changing the mindset. Try to work on your mind and think, how can I just be humbled and say, “Hey, look.” Like, I sometimes get challenges, I sometimes get problems.

So I always try to reach out to somebody who could help me to solve this problem in a way that says, “Hey, look, this happened to me. I'm sure this wasn't your intention. I'm sure this wasn't your company's intention. But it happened. Is there a way we could resolve this? Is there a way we could change this? Is there a way?” I'm going to come, “Hey, why did you do this? Why did this happen? And how dare you?” Because then people don't want to help you. People don't want to interact with people like you that. And it's surprising that people who have this problem usually are the ones who don't notice that, they don't realize that they have got this problem.

It's just about through education and through helping people to grow themselves, we can help them to change that mind-set and to become somebody who’s more humble and who would appreciate things. Instead of demanding things that should be there, why not appreciate things that are there, things that you didn't have to create, things that were already done for you and that helps you then to become grateful. I love how in our team, we have this practice of gratitude, where the team members are always thinking, what can I be grateful about today? What could I be grateful for?

As simple as it can be totally a small thing, but instead of focusing on what was not right, what was wrong, what I didn't have, we're focusing on what we do have, what do we do appreciate, there's always something to appreciate. So try to appreciate things that you have been given and just think about what work goes into produce those things. And, you know, you know, some things are very basic things, like think about the cars that you didn't have to invent the libraries you didn't have to build the internet you didn't have to create the electricity you didn't have to invent. But you inherited all of those things. When you were born, you inherited and a lot of us we’re taking it for granted. You know, there are still people who don't have access to water and electricity and things like that.

Be grateful for those things, but also within your immediate space, you know, things like if you're in business, you know, the training resources, the systems, the products, you didn't have to invent those products somebody went and invented them, right. So like they say, we are not entrepreneurs for real, because entrepreneurs were people who founded the companies, entrepreneurs were people who invented the products, we are in entrepreneurs, meaning that we already riding on the things that other people have invented on the things that other people have created.

We're just riding on that system and making it into a business of our own, you know what I mean? So just be grateful for things that you have, instead of being upset by things that you don't have, because like in our company we have like more than 1000 products, right? So almost always there's something out of stock, because it's impossible to always have 1000 products and stuff and it surprises me how so many people go, “If only this product was in stock, then I could do business,” doesn't matter that 999 other products are in stock, they’re focusing on one thing that is out of stock, you know what I mean?

So always look at what do I have that I can use instead of focusing on what I don't have, that I could use if I had, you know what I mean? And it's same applies to training programs, to systems to people, etcetera. Sometimes as we're building a team again, we all want a massive team with hundreds of thousands of people, you know, but you hear these things all the time and I think it comes from the Bible where it says,
to be ruler over many you have to be faithful when the amounts are small, to be ruler over many you have to be faithful when they amounts are small. So many people say well, when I have a huge team, I will really look after them.

But now that I only have three people, I don’t blood know what they do. What I start making 10,000 a month, I'm really going to be good with money, but now that I only get my salary, I don't know where all of that money goes. Oh, yes, we should let you run the country then. So you have to get good at managing whatever little you have before you can be given more, before you can get access to more people, before you can get access to more money, before you can get access to more sales. You know what I mean?

If we’re not managing the little that we have, how could we expect more from the universe? It's like; the greatest example I've ever heard was from Teehav Acre and he said, imagine this scenario. Imagine you walk into an ice cream shop, what a kid maybe it's your nephew or maybe it's your child, or whoever that is, right. So you walk with this small child and you come with them to an ice cream shop and they go, “I want that one.” So you order them an ice cream cone with one scoop of ice cream right? And then the shopkeeper gives him the ice cream. The kid takes the ice cream happy and as you turn around, you're walking through the door. The kid drops the ice cream on the floor now because you're a nice uncle or
aunt, or dad or mom you of course turn around and say, “Okay, let's go and get another one.” And as you walking back to the tail with the ice cream man stands, the kid sees on the wall, a poster with three scoops and the kid says, “I want a three scoop.” Do you get the kid the free scoops?

Now unless your mental you say of course not because I got him one scoop and he already dropped the damn thing. If I get him three scoops for sure it's going to be a disaster. Absolutely. And I agree with that, and I understand you, but also, that's how universe operates. So if you get one team member, and you don't look after them, and they fail, and they don't make any money and they quit the business, you go into the universe, “Oh, one more, give me more team members.” The universe is going what's the point? I gave you one, you wasted it? You know what I mean?

So we have to get better at appreciating what we have, and treating what we have properly before we can ask for more from Universal, from God or from whatever Infinite Intelligence, whatever you believe in, right? You understand what I'm saying. So that's why we just have to be grateful. We have to appreciate things, we have to value things and then more will be given to us.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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