Do you buy your business back?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 Under: Personal Development
The question is do you buy a business back? What do I mean?

Well as network marketers, as home based business owners, we're super excited about what we got to show to people, what we've got to offer to people. So what happens is we talk talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk to the person and we sell the business. Then we carry on talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, and we buy the business back. What does it mean?

That means it's an information overload and when somebody gets too much information, we end up turning them off. So initially, we got them curious. We got them interested by the things we said. And we pique their interest and they were like, “Yeah, what is that?” And then when you're talking too much, when you start giving too much information, when you start going into too much detail, you end up turning the person off again. They start, “You know what actually is too much? Actually, you know, I'm not interested.” So how to avoid talking too much, we call it a case of ‘verbal diarrhea’ when you just can't stop talking and I know look, if you're in a home based business, if you’re in network marketing, one of the reasons why you're in this business is because you like talking and it's okay if you know I like talking too.

But the problem is with a brand new prospect, you have to manage how much you talk. So how to prevent you talking and selling the business and buying it back again, is one if you read my previous blogs before where I was saying, be in a hurry, when you say to somebody, “Hey, I haven't got much time to talk,” then it's difficult to carry on talking for two hours, because you just said you're in a hurry, right? But also even better way to ensure that you don't talk too much, is to ask questions. So you get them to talk and you ask questions that are open ended questions.

So a lot of people, a lot of sales, people like to use closed ended questions. Do you like this? Yes. Do you see value in something like that? Yes. Would you use it? Yes. You know what I mean, these are closed ended questions. So you still do more talking, your question is longer than their answer. It should be other way around. And that's why you want to ask open ended questions, questions that start with how, why, can you tell me more, etcetera. So if somebody says, if I'm shooting something, instead of saying, do you like this, I would go, “Well, why do you like this? How would you use it? When would you?” and so on and so on. You know what I mean?

And then the person has to elaborate they start talking more. So my question is one sentence, their answer is 15 sentences. Then I ask another question, why is that important to you? And then they carry on talking. And at the end of the conversation, if we spoke for an hour, and that person spoke for 15 minutes, they're going to go, “Wow, this guy is a conversationalist, is a great conversationalist.” When in reality, I was just listening.

So one of the ways to prevent yourself from talking too much; learn to ask a bunch of questions, learn to ask the person questions and let them do the talking. So even if they interested about your business ago, or tell me more about your business, why is it important for you to learn about business? Are you looking for a way to actually go? Yes. Why would it be important for you to make some more money? What do you want to buy? Why do you need more money? Oh, tell me more about that. Oh, interesting. When did you decide that and you just keep the digging into them instead of you telling and talking more about yourself where you want to sell. I know and it goes against what you might be thinking. But it's actually the best way to keep them curious to keep them interested and they will love you. Because guess who the people want to talk about? The most interesting person to everybody is themselves. So if you let them talk about themselves, they will love you and it's a great way too.

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