Do the BEST with what you HAVE

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I want to talk about doing the best with what you have. The topic is do the best with what you have.

I meet and I see especially on social media, so many people who say, “Well, if only it was different, if only this was other way, if only my product was cheaper, and if only people listened to me better, and if only my husband was supporting me, and if only this happened, then I could properly do the business and then I could have better results, but now that it is like it is, then I can't do anything, I can't succeed. Yeah, this is why I'm such a failure.” But reality is that, hey, it is the way it is, you have to just accept the cards that you were dealt, this is the way it is, how it's made in this world. It's not going to be different.

Like, I remember listening to good old Jim Rohn. And he used to say, “Hey, look, when you're going to have your own planets, then you can make it your own way. But, as it happens, you're on this planet, and you just have to work by the rules of this planet. You can't change it. You can't rearrange it, you just have to work with it.” So same, like right now we have this incredible time in history, like you will be able to tell your kids and your grandkids one day like, “Oh, when I was young, then we had this amazing thing called Corona and everybody was locked up at home.” It'll be part of your history. But a lot of people that we're now in this moment they say, “Oh, it’s so hard. It's so difficult, this and that.” But guess what? That asked the card we were dealt. My grandparents, they had to suffer the war, and that was, I think more horrible than it is now what we experienced. But they survived, they had to make it up and work with what they had.

Right now you have to work with what you have. Yeah it's difficult. Yeah it's different. It's challenging, but what else is new? With every challenge comes an opportunity. Whenever there is difficulty, there's always an opportunity aligned with that too. Can you see the opportunity? Can you see the possibilities in the current situation that we have, and you know who wins? You know who wins in life usually, is people who are the fastest to adapt. People who are the most plastic, who adapt to the situation, who find how to work out any difficulty, any challenge, and they just adapt themselves to what's happening.

There's always two groups. There's people who are rigid, who are like, “No, no, it's not like that. It was always like this. And it has to be like this.” Like, it's gone. The way it was, is gone. It's never coming back. Now it's like this, and it's going to change again. So you have to work with what it is and adapt to it and push through it instead of wishing that, “Oh, I wish it was like it was five years ago. Oh, I wish how it was in the good old days.” The good old days are gone. Now we have these days, and then we have going to have different days.

And the people who adapt, the people who are most plastic to figure themselves out in different situations, these are the people who are going to win. Right now, this period, it looks like it's a difficult, challenging period, I tell you, a year from now, two years from now, three years from now, there will be people who will be going on your company stage and they will say that this Coronavirus thing, this quarantine, this isolation was the best thing that happened to me because at that time I started with my company and now I make this huge money in this business.

Mark my words, you'll see these people walk on your company stages, six months from now, a year from now, two years from now and they'll say I started when it was the challenging time. I joined when it was the hard, because I was made redundant from my job. I lost my job, my restaurant shut down, these things happened and then I had no other way. I joined this company and now I'm rocking and rolling. You will see. Now the question is, who are these people going to join? Are they going to join you or they're going to join somebody else because you're still stuck I your old way? “Oh, I can't go meet with people in a coffee shop. I can't remember the products.”

Are you still stuck in where you were before or are you progressing? Are you saying, “Okay, this is what it is right now, how can I figure this thing out? How can I make this work? How can I make this happen? How can I keep building my business? How can I keep building my customer base? How can I keep recruiting? Some people will find the way and those are the people who are going to make loads of money. And there's going to be other people who will just be sitting and crying. I wish for you to be in the first group who finds the way and who makes this work.

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