Do before you are READY!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, April 13, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I wanted to talk about doing before you're ready. The title of this video is do before you're ready.

And very often when I speak to people, when I talk to people, they say, “Oh, I'd love to achieve this or I'd love to do that, or I'd love to accomplish this, but I don't feel I'm ready. I don't feel like I know enough. I don't feel like I have enough money. I don't feel like I have enough time. I don't feel like I have enough connection.”

Most people are never ready. They always wait for that perfect time, for the perfect moment when they become ready. They always look for that time when they will become ready. But the challenge is that most people that achieve big things in life, most people that achieve great business mentors, sports, singing, acting, most of those people start before they're ready. 
A good example is having a baby. You're never ready to have a baby.

Like there's always could be more money. There's always could be a better situation, there's always, and you're almost never ready to have a baby and especially if it's a first one, you're like a headless chicken. You don't know what you're doing. You're scared to break it. You're scared to do something wrong with it. Every time it farts, you're calling the ambulance, you never ready to have one. But guess what, you have one, and then you figure it out. You sort of figured out how to not to kill it. How to help it survive and how to raise it. And it all turns out to be fine in the end. Well, the same thing applies to your business.

The same thing applies to your goals and ambitions. 
Most of the time, you will not be ready to make that step. Most of the time, you will not be ready to get out of that comfort zone. Most of the time, you won't be ready to make these drastic changes in your life, but you just have to make the leap. You just have to take the step anyway, and then figure it out. That's the best advice that is out there guys. Like you can try and train for it. You can try and prepare for it. You can try and go to a million seminars and read a gazillion books. It's still not going to prepare you for the challenges, for the obstacles, for the unexpected things.

They called the Murphy's committee, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and most of the things you can't even imagine that could go wrong will go wrong. It’s going to happen anyway. So you might as well just step into it and do it before you're ready. And as you're figuring it out, you'll figure it out and you'll realize, “Okay, I can do this.” Then you move to the next step, and then again, you won't be ready for that, you figure it out. And that's how you do it all of your career, all of your business, all of your life.

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